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In 2009, Sun Peaks was named one of the “Top 20 Ski Resorts in North America” by 
Condé Nast Traveler. Excellent hiking opportunities abound in the park and you could spend days trekking though the forest. Guides are required to be certified at one of three levels: guide, senior guide, or trip leader. Furthermore, non-resident anglers contributed almost $6 million by way of licensing fees, and an additional $46 million in non-fishing expenditures to the economy of BC. All Rights Reserved, Reopening Guidelines for Tourism Businesses. It differs from backcountry skiing in that participants ski on groomed trails typically maintained as part of an established facility (Cross Country BC, n.d.). (2009b). (2004). Most commentators concur that adventure tourism is a niche sector of the tourism industry, but there are many other niche sectors in tourism which have same characteristics that overlap with adventure tourism such as ecotourism, activity tourism or adventure travel. Take a Closer Look: Mammal Viewing Guidelines, Marine mammal viewing in Canada has grown in popularity to the point where the federal government has established marine wildlife viewing guidelines. (2011b). Spotlight On: Test of Metal and GranFondo, Two major bike races bring significant visitors to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Why is backcountry skiing/snowboarding sometimes considered a risky activity? Environmental issues are discussed in detail in Chapter 10. It all begins with treading lightly and leaving things as they naturally are so they continue to flourish. CBC News. This is becoming a concern for long-time backcountry enthusiasts as well as safety monitors such as Avalanche Canada. Economic impact for golf in Canada. One study conducted by the Canadian Tourism Commission established that within BC, approximately 37% of tourists took part in wildlife viewing while visiting. How might these be mitigated. This organization provides public avalanche forecasts and education for any backcountry travellers venturing into avalanche terrain. Retrieved from:, BC Guest Ranchers Association. A 2005 study conducted by Tourism BC identified 59 operators offering river rafting trips in the province. In addition, parks are generally limited to non-motorized activities, thus presenting barriers for tourism operators that seek to offer mechanized recreation. [PDF] Retrieved from, British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (n.d.). BC is regarded as a world-class destination for backcountry access, and has recently seen considerable and sustained growth in this sector (Porteus, 2013). (n.d.). Retrieved from:, Ivanova, I. For instance, if people kayak near their home or community, it may be considered outdoor recreation. Risk Management and Legal Liability, Chapter 14. Whistler Sport Legacies is an example of a recreational, tourism, and sport legacy that can emerge out of a mega event such as the Olympics. Review the section Trends and Issues. Both organizations assess the guides for their expertise in technical skills, avalanche forecasting, risk management and emergency response before issuing certification. (n.d.). Sea kayaking in BC has grown into a sizable recreational and commercial industry in recent years. (n.d.). Park staff can provide you with basic maps to find the well-marked trailheads. The increase of backcountry users will continue to expose users to possible dangerous situations. For more information, visit the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC website: The following list represents the most popular adventure activities … The coastline of more than 25,000 kilometres in length provides ideal opportunities for recreation and tourism (BC Adventure, n.d.). Browse golf experiences with some of the best vistas on earth. However, when it comes to conducting commercial operations in these same places, gaining access often involves an extensive permitting process that may impose restrictions on the type of activity and the number of visitors allowed. For more information, visit the Ski It to Believe It website: This can negatively affect the sector through rising insurance rates, increasing governmental regulation, challenging certification requirements, and permitting difficulties when interfacing with land management agencies. On your own or as part of a team, consider the following: After answering these questions, come up with a quick design for a marketing piece that profiles one recreational activity in your local community. What is the difference between a regional mountain resort and a destination mountain resort? Other elements of risk and liability are discussed further in Chapter 11. Running, walking, hiking, biking. Victoria is the gateway to Vancouver Island's Golf Trail, a 250-kilometre-long network of 11 scenic courses. However, there are challenges that impact the viability of this sector, as well as barriers that limit the growth. Browse … Significantly, for 13% of visitors, the primary motivation for their travel to BC was wildlife viewing (CTC, 2007). Two other examples of unique guest ranch operations are the Siwash Lake Ranch in south-central BC, a “high-end” exclusive resort featuring executive-chef prepared meals, and the Echo Valley Ranch and Spa in the BC interior, offering an alternative therapy spa and gold-panning excursions. (n.d.) River rafting British Columbia. [PDF] Retrieved from:, Tourism BC. Figure 5.2 Row Your Boat by Matt Hosford is used under a CC-BY 2.0 license. For more information, visit the British Columbia Guest Ranchers Association website: Popular trails will lead you to several ancient trees, caves and Muong villages. BC’s many world-class facilities and high-quality snow conditions provide mass appeal for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Trail networks have been developed in both stand-alone environments, as well as in partnership with large mountain resorts such as Silver Star in Vernon, Sun Peaks in Kamloops, Cypress Mountain above Vancouver, and Rossland in the Kootenays. Recreational diving in British Columbia survey report. (n.d.). Retrieved from:, Strategic Networks, Inc. (2009). Victoria is the gateway to Vancouver Island's Golf Trail, a 250-kilometre-long network of 11 scenic courses. There are several bicycle rental shops on the Island, and with good reason: cycling is a great way to get around. (n.d.). Explain. Characteristics of the commercial nature-based Tourism industry in British Columbia. Retrieved from:, Destination BC. Retrieved from:, BC Parks. Retrieved from:, Destination BC. The GranFondo Whistler is a road biking race from Vancouver to Whistler that now attracts upward of 7,000 participants each year. Some zones across the province are set aside for recreation, such as provincial and national parks. Following is an overview of a few core water-based activities offered by BC tourism operators, as well as a brief description of their economic contributions and related industry organizations. [PDF] Retrieved from:, Wilderness Tourism Association. Retrieved from:, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing (n.d.). (n.d.). For more information, visit the Dive Industry Association of BC: Resorts in British Columbia range from smaller eco-lodges to large ski areas. [PDF] Retrieved from:, Canadian Tourism Commission. Which industry groups or associations are needed to support these activities? About us. Recreational snowmobiling in BC is represented by the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (BCSF). To spend all your time indoors on PEI would be like going to a great art museum to read the newspaper. These trips consist primarily of three types of rafting: paddle rafting, motorized rafting, and float trips (Destination BC, n.d.). Retrieved from:, Destination BC. About BCFROA. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. What is the attraction of that area? As shown throughout this chapter, recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism play predominant roles in the tourism and hospitality industry in BC.

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