adventure activities for adults

Hiking up to the top of the hill is always well worth the thrills and spills of the slippery high speed descent right back to the bottom again. Sunsets are great, but you end up sharing them with loads of other people. Adventure! It's not quite as easy as it sounds though - you'll need to lower yourself down vertigo-inducing cliff faces, scramble down rocky outcrops and traverse icy cold waterfalls to get to the bottom. Avoid the queues at the ski hill and enjoy sliding around at a much more pedestrian pace. Try Tully River Full-Day White Water Rafting from Cairns boasting an incredible 45 rapids; drifting beneath an array of tropical wildlife on the Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica or taking on the mighty Colorado River with a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip from Las Vegas. Few landscapes are as magnificent as the epic Grand Canyon and walking along the rim of the world's most famous canyon is enough to make anyone marvel at their significance. Rock climbing has become a hugely popular activity over the past decade, with plenty of recreational climbers giving the professionals a run for their money. Bungee Jumping. Often part of the challenge is not just dealing with the bad weather, but embracing and enjoying it. This is an ideal adventure for the cooler months. Love Hidden Object Games? Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced fisherman, the thrill of catching your own dinner is irresistible -- just make sure you pick a gorgeous landscape to gaze at while you wait for the fish to bite. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a good old treasure hunt, no matter their age. Grab a paddle and hit the waves for a Dubrovnik Sea Kayak and Snorkeling Small-Group Tour, where you can explore the Croatian coastline and drift beneath the walls of the imposing St Lawrence fortress; or opt for an Oahu Kayak, Hike and Snorkel Adventure along the Hawaiian coast. The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge isn't just a monumental landmark, the 440-foot (134-meter) high walkway is also a bucket-list favorite -- attempt the Sydney BridgeClimb at night if you dare. Make like a modern-day Tarzan, hanging from a harness and soaring through the jungle at speeds of up to 100kph on the Cairns Minjin Jungle Swing, Australia's only multi-person swing. Even if you don’t have a proper sled, there is still loads of fun to be had sliding down a snowy hill, and a plastic bag or tea tray will work just as well. Book on a Cancun Parasailing Adventure where you'll get an expansive lookout over the famous beaches and jungle of Cancun; take to the skies for a Maui Parasailing Experience where you can rise up to 1,200 feet (366 meters) above the palm-fringed Ka'anapali Beach; or try Tandem Paragliding in Malibu where you can gaze out over the idyllic Malibu hills. One of the best free online memory games for adults, Wealth Words is now compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. Fancy an underground water adventure instead? And if it’s hot, then bring your swimwear for a cheeky dip once you get there! It’s there for the taking, so you just need to go get it! Aeroplane flying and aerobatics experiences. Cycle through a park, walk the backstreets, run, hitchhike, borrow your kids’ scooter, skip, or roller skate. For the ultimate family adventure, try Tandem Parasailing at Disney's Contemporary Resort and see if you can spot your favorite characters down below. Stop on the river banks and make a meal of it by whipping up a one pot camping meal cooked on your camping stove. Try a Hang-Gliding Tour from Bogotá where you can soar over the grassy plateau of the Bogotá Savannah. Participants tackle personal and physical challenges and re-discover their strength and energy.

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