antecedent interventions for attention seeking behavior

Examine “C” data to determine if attention is increasing problem behavior. The following tables provide possible intervention strategies to incorporate into a comprehensive behavior intervention plan based on the function of the problem behavior. The antecedent occurs directly before the behavior, then the behavior, and then the consequence occurs directly after the behavior. He continued to spit to get more attention. the interventions chosen for the PBIP should correspond with the function of behavior (e.g., if a student‘s behavior is attention seeking, the team should choose interventions such as delivering attention only for appropriate behavior and withholding attention for inappropriate behavior). Attention-seeking behaviors may help your child avoid non-preferred activities or responsibilities. If this is the case, adhere to the interventions below and the child will eventually outgrow their craving for attention. Choose 1-3 strategies, be consistent and you will see your behavior management workload decrease. However, these same strategies can be used to address problem behaviors that are maintained by access to preferred events, attention, or physiological factors. The behavior escalated over the next few weeks. Strategies for Attention Seeking. A student who displays problematic attention-seeking behaviors is a lot of work. For the sake of this discussion, the stimulus we refer to is often an activity, attention, or something tangible. High-p is used to build behavioral momentum in order for a student to comply with a demand or instruction that has a history of low compliance. As a teacher, it is important to remain calm in the classroom even in the face of frustration. Through ABIs, the teacher is looking to prevent the undesirable behavior from occurring by changing the antecedent – or what’s happening immediately before the behavior. The aide continued to overreact whenever the spitting happened and it only fed the behavior. In Using Antecedent Interventions to Minimize Challenging Behaviors we discussed the first ... (in this case, a human being). Simple Strategies to Change Behavior Simple Strategies to Change Behavior Janet Vasquez Clinical Director, World Evolve, Inc May 9, 2013. Antecedent-based Interventions Antecedent Environmental Manipulation-Altering aspects of an individual’s surrounding that may serve as a discriminative stimulus (cue or signal ... • Always a good idea to minimize attention for behavior you do not want. This guest post was written by Michele Holiday and was originally published on her website at . Extinction 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Attention-seeking problem behaviors in the classroom can come in all forms—including out of seat behavior, blurting out, making noises, bullying or teasing peers, excessive hand-raising, or merely talking when it’s not an appropriate time. Then, provide attention to the target student(s) when al ternative behaviors occur. Adult attention is the consequence (“C” portion of the chart) and may increase that problem behavior. An antecedent intervention listed above that is particularly easy to implement in the classroom is the high-probability sequence (High-p). adult gives attention to the target student(s) when the pr oblem behavior occurs. Causes of Attention-Seeking Behavior . For example, if your child wants to avoid bath time, he may engage in an attention-seeking behavior because he knows it will result in a “talk” or timeout, which delays bath time even longer. ... reduces a behavior without eliminating that behavior. Examples of Attention-Seeking Behavior in the Classroom . Many of the Antecedent Interventions described in the research studies are designed to decrease escape-motivated behavior. Additional resources are listed at this end of this handout. Interventions . By the time I came back, the spitting had gotten out of control. Negatively Reinforced Behaviors—Escape or Avoid Task or Environment Intervention Strategy Example(s)

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