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Anti Alcohol Quotes & Sayings . We're anti-monopoly. Come with me and be Alcohol free. Showing search results for "Anti Alcohol" sorted by relevance. Don’t drown your future with alcohol. There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. 13 Quotes About Alcohol to Help Inspire Balance. Many people choose drugs and alcohol. I won’t be around drugs and alcohol at all.” -Penn Jillette, “Wine and women do not go with song. Time to decline wine. Allow life to thrive, don’t drink and drive, Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive, “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” -Bob Marley. People who are more intelligent earn more, live longer, get divorced less, are less likely to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco, and their children live longer.” -Steven Pinker, “I think, at a certain point, it’s better for women not to have any alcohol because it can make your face, breasts and midsection get very bloated.” -Sharon Stone, “I think your alcohol intake has to change. Among best methods on ways to quit drinking alcohol is to come up with a list that states the negative things it will. My dad always told me to represent the Bowden name in a respectful manner.” -Bobby Bowden, “Grief has similar side effects of alcohol consumption, such as numbness, guilt, and depression, resulting in less alert and price-sensitive customers. President Obama instituted the most anti-growth, anti-investment, anti-jobs measures that we have seen in our lifetime. Drink The Rum, And Then You’Ll Be Dumb. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” ―Bob Marley “The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are... “Because alcohol is encouraged by our culture, we get the idea that it isn’t dangerous. 653 matching entries found. Anti Alcohol Slogans for Anti Alcohol awareness campaigns and to help those who want to quit this habit. We're anti-greed. 653 matching entries found. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Why be born again, when you can just grow up? Period.” -Ted Nugent, “Drugs, alcohol and ego. Alcohol abuse is the dependency of alcohol related products and inability to control consumption. The average person consumes 152 ounces of alcohol each year. Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. 95% admitted to reading the Bible. If God is all knowing and all-powerful, why does He still want us to tell Him our problems and remind Him about His promises? Some of these are currently used … Don’t drink,read the big book,and go to meetings. Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive. One can only reply that it is scarcely necessary to disprove what has never been proved. Time to quit alcohol. When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemon Aid. If God is all knowing and he knows our future, then how is that free will? You know, usually a big person feels they can drink anything they want to and as much as they want to and I’ve cut that way back.” -Mike Ditka, “If I go out to dinner with you and you order wine, I leave. We're not anti-wealth. I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect, had intended for us to forgo their use. As a kid, when I would hurt myself my mom would rub alcohol on it. By Selena Barrientos. Don’t be dumb, don’t drink rum. Now he called his agenda ambitious, I call it reckless. They are a bad mix.” -Don Dokken, “That’s all drugs and alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end.” -Ringo Starr, “Alcohol is a very patient drug. Religion is answers that may never be questioned. Find and save ideas about funny alcohol quotes on Pinterest. Explore 254 Alcohol Quotes by authors including Hunter S. Thompson, P. J. O'Rourke, and George Bernard Shaw at BrainyQuote. Alcohol use is the major cause of many liver diseases. The highest rate of alcohol abuse currently exists in Wisconsin. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Drinking makes you look like a fool. Feel free to use these slogans to raise awareness and also share them with your friends. “Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.” -Sammy Davis, Jr. “Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life’s problems.” -Matt Groening, “I am more afraid of alcohol than of all the bullets of the enemy.” -Stonewall Jackson, “Avoid using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs as alternatives to being an interesting person.” -Marilyn vos Savant, “Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.” -George Bernard Shaw, “There are six components of wellness: proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams.” -Kenneth H. Cooper, “There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. Quotes about drinking or anti alcohol slogans could help you with that. We embed the auto-share button to make you work easy. We would be 1,500 years ahead if it hadn't been for the church dragging science back by its coattails and burning our best minds at the stake. To raise awareness of the negative effects of alcoholism the following anti alcohol slogans will inspire those who want. The comedian’s thing is you self-medicate with alcohol and knock yourself out – but obviously, that’s not a long-term strategy.” -Stewart Lee, “Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs are legal, but they can hurt a lot of people.” -Ziggy Marley, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” -Frank Sinatra, “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. In this post, you’ll get some of the latest Anti Alcohol Quotes that will never saw before. Must do the things you think you can’t do, Let the “you can’t” people be your motivation, Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same, I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions, Alcohol: A drink that makes bad decisions look good, If you drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry, A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense, Once attention lost, Accident comes across. Creative Anti Drug Slogans & Sayings. It will wait for the alcoholic to pick it up one more time.” -Mercedes McCambridge, “I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. I’ve got that life back now and plan to keep it. Life is too beautiful.” -Jim Carrey, “There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.” -Ovid, “I wish all teenagers can filter through songs instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.” -Taylor Swift, “Once you avoid the things that accelerate aging like smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and excessive sun exposure, you’ve done about as much as you can to influence your aging process.” -S. Jay Olshansky, “I had such a wonderful life before drugs and alcohol abuse. The problem with drinking and driving is … The MOURNING after!

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