apertura dt8 vs ad8

Take a look at this DT8 and compare it, feature-for-feature to the Apertura AD8. After saving for the better part of the winter and now that the weather is a bit nicer, I'm back to shopping. Also which telescope comes with better accessories. I didn't know if anyone knew what the difference between the DT8 and AD8 was. Apertura AD8 vs AD10 vs DT10 for first telescope - posted in Beginners Forum (No astrophotography): After spending a week or so with a somewhat broken meade ETX-80, Im looking to get my first real telescope, and was recommended dobsonian telescopes from Apertura. My first post through here I was looking at a telescope and was considering the Apertura AD8 vs a used GEM. The Apertura AD8 manages to stand out in a busy crowd of competing 8-inch Dobsonian reflectors. I had somewhat decided on the Apertura AD8, but was also seeing recommendations for the Orion XT8 in the sticky. 1. Apertura AD8 I noticed the Apertura DT8 is cheaper then both the Orion XT8 or Skywatcher 8 Dobsonian but I keep seeing recommendations for the Zhummel Z8 stating that its worth the extra $100.. Apertura AD8 Dobsonian 8" f/ 5.91 Telescope with Accessories - AD8 Vs 2. Skywatcher 8" f/ 5.9 Traditional Dobsonian Telescope Is the Quality of these two scopes about the same, or is one substantially better than the other. This is largely due to the quality of its construction, most notably the steel tension knobs to adjust the balance of the tube within the rocker box. I can add 100$ for accessories and if you know good filter or eyepiece let me know. can I get better telescope for 500$? Thank you for any guidance you can provide. Apertura AD8 Dobsonian. Experience the beautiful night sky with this incredible Dobsonian, then shop all available models online at High Point Scientific today! Apertura AD8 - posted in Beginners Forum (No astrophotography): I am beginner I never had telescope I am going to buy apertural ad8 and I have two questions.can I see deep sky objects with it? Apertura DT8 vs Sky Watcher Classic 200 Hello everyone, my family has decided to go all in together to buy someone a telescope for Christmas and I've narrowed it down to an 8" dobsonian. I have a maximum budget of $700 (though I would really like to spend less) and I am not super concerned … This Apertura AD8 8-inch Dobsonian telescope comes loaded with great accessories for new and experienced astronomers. To me it just looks like the AD8 comes with more accessories. - posted in Reflectors: This thing looks like its the same model/build as the former Zhumell Z8 and the current Apertura AD8, except that the Z8/AD8 are $449, and the DT8 is $100 less at just $349. Ideally I would have gone with the Apertura AD8 but it seems questionable if I could get it in time for Christmas. I was wanting to purchase a 8in dobsonian and it looks like the apertura scopes have pretty good reviews and are in my price range. I have never purchased a telescope and was initially going for a 6 inch Dob … Apertura DT8 vs. AD8. What's the deal on this DT8 dob from HPS?

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