border collie vs australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie . 12 - 19 inches . Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd Appearance. Origin: United States. Compare Border Collie and Australian Shepherd and Rough Collie. They have short, floppy ears and a long, plumed tail, … Let’s face reality straight off since raising a dog cost money. When we think of sheepdogs, the image of a border collie leading a flock of sheep, or an Australian shepherd controlling an entire herd, automatically comes to mind. Both of these breeds being bred for the purposes of herding livestock, and to be a general ‘working farm dog’ breed. Cost of Border Collie VS Australian Shepherd Expenses. Please make sure that you are financially stable if you are thinking about making this new addition. Height Male: 33 - 46 cm. The Border Collie is the smaller of the two breeds, but not by much—, they stand between 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh approximately 30 to 55 lbs. Miniature Australian Shepherd . Border collies are lighter and smarter than Australian shepherds. 12 - 19 inches. If you want to adopt a heavier dog breed between these two, then you should get an Australian shepherd. There are some similarities with regard to their assigned jobs such as herding of sheep and being a lovable pet to the owner. Weight Male: 6 - 16 kg. United Kingdom. Both Miniature Australian Shepherd and Border Collie requires Moderate maintenance. Border Collie . Initial Cost of Purchase. Australian Shepherd and Border Collie, both are medium-sized dog breeds. Find similarities and differences between Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd vs Rough Collie. I do believe, if memory serves, that the Border Collie is an ancestor of the Australian Shepherds. If you choose to buy a dog, you need to take responsibility for your actions and also be prepared financially to support that decision. 18 - 21 inches. November 21, 2020 by NCRAOA Staff. Difference between Border Collie and Australian Shepard are few and far between. Australian Shepherds have a bobbed, long and semi-bob tail, while Border Collies always have a long bushy tail. 46 - 53 cm. 48 - 56 cm. Australian shepherds always have ear drops, but they can be dropped or erected in border collies. Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are not only herding dog breeds, but also affectionate pets. Working dog. Height Female: 33 - 46 cm. However, if we compare both the breeds, Australian shepherds are bigger than Border Collies, in terms of height and weight both. 18 - 23 inches. I don’t remember how long they’ve been different breads and they still have a lot in common, Energy being at the top of the list. However, knowing how to identify these breeds can sometimes be a complicated task, due to their many similarities. 1. Group: Herding dogs. Which is better: Border Collie or Australian Shepherd or Rough Collie? Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd. Basic Information. Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie: Breed Differences.

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