carrot beetroot potato masala

Nice combination of vegetables and inviting pics dear.. A colourful and yumm curry…might have tasted great with chapathi. Wash them well. The main thing to be noted in chettinad cooking is that though coconut is used for many curries, it is used in very less quantity. Carrot,Beetroot,Urulai Pirattal (Carrot,Beetroot,Potato masal) Pirattal is one among the main curries served in a chettinad lunch. Put them in water and wash them well till there is no starch. aachi,first of all i should thank you on behalf of tamil are doing such a wonderful service to our people.all your recipes which you posted was excellent.hats of you.keep doing more. It has to be different, interesting and healthy too, and the biggest part – it should appeal to kids. 3 days back I tried this masal along with Chumma kulambu it came out well. Ingredients (For 6 masala dosa) 1. Nice clicks, just love the color of this curry, very delicious with the rotis.. Add urad dal and saute till it turns brown. In a pressure cooker, heat oil and add cumin seeds, fennel seeds and asafoetida. It's one of my go to recipes now. Fry for 3-4 minutes. turned out fantastic.. tasted exactly like what mom use to cook at home.. My friends liked it a lot..thnx.. Peel them slightly. Now check for the salt and hot taste. As this goes well with both sambar and rasam or curd rice, this is often made in chettinad homes. Thanks Linsy. Put them in water and wash them well till there is no starch. How to Make Beetroot Masala Dosa. Once cooked, mash the vegetables. I was looking for a chettinad cauliflower masala to go with dasai. 5. Serving Suggestion ~ Roti/chapathi or poori. Masala to pirattal should take away the sweetness of veggie :) Sounds delicious one. Aloo Bhindi Peanut Sabzi | Potato Okra Peanut Stir Fry, Aloo Gobi Shimla Mirch Sabzi | Potato Cauliflower Capsicum Curry, Mango Rava Kesari | Mango Semolina Pudding | Mango Sheera, Potato Mint Tomato Curry | Aloo Pudina Curry, Avocado Milkshake | Butter Fruit Milkshake, Varagu Arisi Sakkarai Pongal | Kodo Millet Sweet Pongal. Sometimes it can be difficult task to come up with a side dish or curry for chapathi / roti. i luv the way u uniformly cut vegetables, amma says the way you cut matters a lot for tasty cooking. Add coconut milk, 1 ½ cup water, half of the coriander leaves, salt and mix well. For grindingCocunut-2 tablespoonsPottukadalai-1 to 2 tablespoons or (cashews-5)Redchilli-6Fennel seeds-1 teaspoonCumin seed-1 teaspoonProcedureCut the vegetables into small pieces. You r tempting me with all the yummy dishes ..Want to try everything..Appa is fond of Chettinad dishes . To make puree use 3 medium-size tomatoes and reduce the gravy until thick. Perfect curry for rotis. Never thought of a beet,potato and carrot combo.I used only a single chilli as we are not used to very "kaaram" food and it is perfect.Thank you very much for sharing your traditional recipes wholeheartedly. Thanks! I cooked this root vegetable curry in pressure cooker as it enhances the flavor of the curry. Wash them well. The lovely color of the curry is sure to attract even the fussy eaters. I often like to add other vegetables like carrot, beetroot or green peas along with potatoes. 4. The curry is mildly sweet, to increase the spice you can add more green chillies or red chilly powder. wow this is really colorful and yummy combo dear and you are right that making sides for chapatis or rotis is really a big deal, That definitely sounds delicious dear… necessity is the mother of invention, some mahaan said sometime ago and everytime we need to provide it right! Dosa batter – 4 cups 2. Cut into medium sized cubes. What a colorful curry, so pleasing to the eyes. Add potato, carrot, beetroot and mix well. If cooking in a kadai, cover and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked.

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