chicken stuffed with pesto and cream cheese keto

). My boyfriend loved them! Roll up the chicken breasts lengthwise and secure them with a couple of toothpicks. Watch the video to see if you might like to make Use Oven Dinners to find more recipes like this one. Delicious…we used our basil from the porch and your lemon basil pesto recipe. Then one at a time put them inside a thick plastic freezer bag and pound with a. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The author is a chef - not a medical professional - and this website has been designed to provide you with recipe ideas to suit the low carb lifestyle you have discussed with your GP. Combine cream cheese, basil pesto and pepper in a small bowl with a fork. Butter Braised Red Cabbage with Almonds (Keto), Low carb Gin & Tonic Lollies (for the adults). client: "googima", Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese is a perfect dish when you need a low-carb meal that feels like a treat! Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Cuisine Italian . Once the chicken is cool enough to handle, spoon the pesto mixture into each pocket and place onto a greased oven tray. Prosciutto and cream cheese are the perfect pairing and no one will know that it was so easy to prepare. It was fabulous. Your email address will not be published. Click here to read more about where it can be purchased (where ever you are in the world), plus some of the fantastic reviews that have been coming in! Instant Pot (or Slow Cooker) Low-Carb Cheesy Chicken Tacos ~ Kalyn’s Kitchen. Cream Cheese Spinach Stuffed Chicken (Low-carb, Keto) By Layla Published in All Recipes. Remember you are still working with partially raw chicken so be mindful how you handle it. For a low-carb meal, this would be great with Mary’s Perfect Salad, Kalyn’s Favorite Baby Arugula Salad, or Roasted Broccoli with Garlic. Enjoy! Cream Cheese - An alternative to using heavy cream would be mixing your pesto into softened cream cheese before adding that on top of the raw chicken. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This recipe was created years ago by Kalyn when there was an abundance of garden basil that needed to be used! advertising: { *. So glad to hear you enjoyed it, and I think you’re very creative to use mayo to hold the coating on! This is 200°C for conventional ovens (or 400°F / gas mark 6). I love smoked paprika and rubbed the breasts with it before frying on both sides, then stuffing and finishing in the oven. Preheat oven to 375F/190C. These Pesto & Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Rollatini area a delicious and easy dinner, perfect for a weekday or a weeknight! Trim any visible fat from chicken breasts, then put them one at a time inside a heavy plastic bag and pound with. Definately making these again. Now, this is the only way my family wants to eat chicken. Found in: All recipes, Main meals, Poultry, I have made this dish so many times and it just keeps getting better. This Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffed Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce will have you feeling like you are eating at a fine dining restaurant, but all with the ease and simplicity of an easy home cooked keto … As soon as I served up this cream cheese stuffed chicken, I knew I had a winner! Make a deep incision in one side of each breast to create a ‘pocket’. Low-Carb Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese! Mix the basil pesto, sour cream, and grated mozzarella. Oh man this was good!! I always try to come up with recipe ideas that have that “wow” factor that makes you want to cook them over and over, and this Low-Carb Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese certainly fits that description. get updates via rss: Bloglovin' Just add a salad and dinner is sorted! This is 200°C for conventional ovens (or 400°F / gas mark 6). Put chicken breasts into the casserole dish and bake until the chicken is firm and lightly browned. If Erythritol (a sugar polyol) has been used in any of the recipes, it has already been manually excluded from the final carbohydrate count. The result is tender cooked chicken filled with a gooey trio of cheese that will melt in your mouth. If you make this recipe I'd love to hear how it turns out. (This will help prevent too much of the pesto mixture from running out when it cooks. My cream cheese pesto chicken is perfect if you are looking for a fuss-free and flavour-packed dinner. Course Appetizer, Main Course . Here’s a shot of the pounded chicken breasts. The BEST Low-Carb Baked Chicken Recipes ~ Kalyn’s Kitchen Use a rubber scraper to spread a thin layer of the pesto mixture over each chicken breast, stopping about 1/2 inch from the edge of the chicken. subscribe to receive new recipes via email: Your email address will not be published. Photographs and recipes on FATS OF LIFE are copyright © Monya Kilian Palmer. I used my Basil Pesto with Lemon for this recipe but it would also be delicious with my favorite purchased pesto. It’s not easy doing something remarkable with chicken breasts: they can be somewhat underwhelming and can easily dry out. (Start checking after about 25 minutes. I’m a huge fan of fast and easy keto recipes. Its hard getting him to eat healthy and with … I will do my best to reply as soon as possible! file: "//", Place the chicken over the garlic, season with salt and pepper and spread the cream cheese mixture on top. Spray a small casserole dish with non-stick spray or oil. Heat the lard in a large pan and brown the chicken on both sides over very high heat. Before baking these Italian chicken roll-ups, smother them with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese for the ultimate chicken feast! And you can make this for anyone; absolutely no one will think about this delicious chicken stuffed with pesto and cheese being low-carb, I can promise you that! Pretty easy to prepare. Preheat the oven to 375F/190C while you trim the chicken breasts well. Step 1: Make the filling, stuff the chicken. You want to get some good colour on it, without burning them. Total baking time will be about 30-35 minutes unless your chicken breasts are really large. Check out My Favorite Low-Carb and Keto Recipes with Pesto for more tasty ideas for using basil pesto! This recipe is perfect for low-carb and Keto diets and it’s also gluten-free. Worthy meal to impress guests. There is no way to post photos in the comments on my site but you could share it on social media if you feel like it! (Scroll down for complete recipe with nutritional information.). You can also subscribe without commenting. The cream cheese and pesto stuffed chicken breasts are amazing! Replies to my comments I’d make this with my Basil Pesto with Lemon if I had some, but you can certainly use my favorite purchased pesto if you wanted it to be quicker. This Keto stuffed chicken breast recipe is perfect for a quick yet elegant meal that plates perfectly on a weeknight or at your next dinner party. Thank you! My name is Monya and I am a chef and culinary consultant based in Berkshire, UK.

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