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Videos are a hot topic in content marketing, and Lake Elmo Inn has mastered it by showcasing the expertise of their internal chefs. When I think of the term “storytelling” as it related to marketing, this is the video I always reference. While we have not covered every facet on content in this blog, we hope it helps you to get off the starting blocks. In 2013, the National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy in France earned accolades for its print ad campaign. One of the top local Twin Cities breweries not only has good beer, but they also have good Tweets (Disclaimer: The wizard behind Summit’s social media is a former Brandpointer.). #1. Betty Crocker is also an excellent example of a timeless brand that hasn’t hesitated to go digital and adapt to the latest technology trends. You don’t need to create a Hollywood blockbuster, simply make life a little easier or clearer for everyone. Founded by Jason Kottke in 1998, is one of the oldest blogs on the net. This practice can be elevated to featuring a single eye-catching photo that relates to the brand. They find their publishing rhythm and learn to keep things lively for their audiences by engaging them on social media. I’m sure every content marketing writer in America says this,” Senior Writer Jodi Rogstad comments. Depending on the time in a woman’s cycle or the symptom she selects, Clue offers a piece of content to educate about what’s going on. He makes an unusual trip to the local Ralph’s grocery store (“I always have three cameras whenever I go shopping”) to pick up items — using Ralph’s mobile app, of course. Facebook Feed. SEO Success Stories: Quality Content Series, Financial Service Brands Winning with Content Marketing. I decided to create seven pieces of content for DigitalSherpa this morning and share them as examples. How are marketing leaders in the industry making the most of virtual events? But when something stands out, we want to share it. For example, did you know that the word candy comes from Arabic? Ground Floor His newsletter helped build a loyal audience and make him a respected figure in the industry. Digital Marketing Manager Andy Krall is a fan of’s playful — and at times cheeky — Twitter posts. “I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to win,” said the top finisher. Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been completely updated for quality, timeliness and relevancy. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Data visualization content is three times more likely to be shared than a text article, and online businesses that regularly post infographics report getting nearly 15 percent more Web traffic on the day of publishing. Shots of the riders slugging through mud (and even falling) are featured between short, but emotional interviews with the racers. From my experience as a user, the content makes this app more valuable than its competitors. When it comes to achieving success with content marketing, business owners need to consider three major factors: Unfortunately, many business owners get stuck on two of the factors above. Content marketers know that every text article they publish should have at least one picture, and this is due to the fact that most netizens will only click on images. Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, Salsa Cycles is a bicycle manufacturer that describes itself as, “Dedicated to keeping the spirit of adventure alive in bicycling. #Caturday To keep users engaged, statistics and graphics appear after you answer each question to show how your finances compare to others. “The average consumer would never know GM was actually aggressively pushing products on them. How are your own pupils developing as digital scholars. Helensville, Auckland These stats provide a feeling that you’re not alone or motivation to start working toward a stronger financial future. The following list of examples of real-life content curation is meant to inspire thoughts and hopefully discussions about what content curation really is and how it can and should be used! (In fact, it can sometimes feel more like trying to swim against the current.) This is another content idea that works amazingly well. A financial planning firm that is active in Quora can set their account to post answers directly to WordPress. Nonetheless, many tend to completely forget about content diversity. ), Seth is a great example of how content can bolster your online identity. Content creation is one of those realities a blogger and marketer has to engage with and appreciate when hoping to gain natural, organic traffic – and for the long term..

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