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For those of you who don't know, Convict Conditioning is a book and bodyweight program by Paul Wade that takes you through "big 6" exercise progressions, each of which contain 10 basic progressions that lead up to the master steps (one-armed pushup, one-armed pullup, one-armed handstand pushup, hanging straight leg raises, standing -to-bridge, and pistol squats). Why am I focusing on convict conditioning? Prison Day 5: Convict Conditioning – The Bridge (Bulletproof Your Spine). You might even break your back. I went ahead and swapped out the link. I wouldn’t worry about overtraining with the bridges and swings. This way you do each move twice a week instead of just once. Perhaps this really is because our culture values appearance over ability, because in other parts of the world the bridge is highly esteemed as one of the greatest exercise techniques known-in the East, it is regarded as the “king” of exercises.”, “The bridging series will grant you an incredible combination of strength paired with flexibility. Preference for the kettlebell swing. You can mix swings and snatches with other exercises like sprinting, burpees, jumping rope or many others. Feel free to read about these movements, but remember-you are advised not to actually attempt these exercises until you can do Step 6 of both the squatting and leg raises. Convict Conditioning 1: Week 100 of Veterano Just hit 100 weeks of cc1. Today we are going to focus on the fifth of “The Big Six Movements”: This is meant to be a supplement to Convict Conditioning as it is imperative to understand the correct implementation of each movement and the history behind them. The 6 Workouts You Should Do in Prison: Convict Conditioning – Day 1 Pushups, Prison Day 2: Convict Conditioning – Squats Cheat Sheet, Prison Day 3: Convict Conditioning – Pull-Up Cheat Sheet. When I train I want to go hard all the time. Apart from preventing sports injuries, the spinal muscles also play a fundamentally positive role in strength and athleticism. Be sure to let me know how you progress. I admit that the book is well written, organized, and polished, so many get inspired by the convict Paul Wade and his tale. I’m running into roadblocks. When you do this you may become real efficient at that movement and your conditioning may not actually improve that much. Now I’ve made a few key changes to include the shotgun muscles from Convict Conditioning 2 and a tip to speed up recovery to help you build even more muscle and strength! I realize that this suggestion seems so far from the current bodybuilding-style culture of strength and fitness that it seems almost funny. Once you get past Step 6 on all four of the exercises mentioned, it’s time to move to the next program. If you want to check out Convict Conditioning, click here. Veterano 4. This is day 5 of our Convict conditioning series where we will continue to progress through the 6 core movements of Convict Conditioning. That being said you will know pretty quickly if an exercise is harmful or helpful by listening to your body, whatever you do take it slowly and don’t ever advance beyond what is comfortable. Carlsons and Kerrygold – A Better 4-Hour Body Sex Machine Protocol? I’ve been using Veterano and the Programme Minimum from Pavel’s new book ‘Simple and Sinister’. Prison Day 6: Convict Conditioning: Handstand Pushups – Healthy and Powerful Shoulders. I sent a follow-up email to you. For athletes looking to gain strength and work their way up through the ten steps, this routine can be very productive. Convict Conditioning is unquestionably one of the best selling books out there about calisthenics. Is ‘Veterano’ not enough strength work? This’ll give you a different feel and end up being better for your endurance. Detailed, to the point. A concern–over training with back bridges and swings. This program includes ancillary work for the grip, neck, and calves. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Even though bridges are an extension exercise they may aggravate your condition depending on several factors, including the facet joints. • This program can (and should) be used by any athlete to achieve solid strength gains-no matter how advanced they are. In my opinion, since the volume is already kept minimal I believe this program would be better with more frequency. ‘Decent’ recovery abilities. Unless you are in good shape and living clean-regular meals, plenty of sleep, etc.-be prepared to get bullied, big time. Without good, robust spinal muscles, strength cannot exist. Not much money. Veterano – a … I received this question the other day after my post on Convict Conditioning, and since it was well thought out I’m going to give an in depth answer. I think it is best to work with an experienced healthcare team to develop a strength training program that will allow you to build your core and not compensate your back. The stronger your spinal muscles, the better you will be at practically any athletic motion you can name. Brilliant article!!! Adding in a conditioning component with the kettlebell swing makes it even better. For those of you who don’t have the book yet the Veterano is a routine that consists of doing a few sets of one of the six exercises each day. You obviously have far more experience than me and I don’t even compare to you in terms of strength/conditioning. “If I had to name the most important strength-building exercise in the world, it would bet the bridge. Convict Conditioning 1: Week 100 of Veterano Just hit 100 weeks of cc1. 26 Where’s the grip, calf and neck work? At the start of week two I went back to the training plans to do it the Coaches’ way. This workout is good for those with limited time on their hands. Handstand pushups with hanging leg raises. Sessions can often be completed in under six or seven minutes per day! If you’re knew to bridging or swinging just be sure to ease into it. The plan puts a 2-day recovery buffer between short bridges and shoul… You’ve done an awesome job from what I can see! The first link at the top does the job anyway , You were absolutely right – the only problem with websites is that something always stops working I really appreciate the heads up! Below are current Set Reps, Exercise, Step and Standard attained (a) Occam’s Protocol requires fifteen minutes to get to the gym x 2, plus a 20 minute workout plus the cost of the gym membership = More not less! But I’m not joking. Adjust the volume if you have to but I think this will give better results. 1. Not looking for a silver bullet or quick fix. One arm pushups and bridges. Just a quick note, it seems bundle link at the bottom of the article is dead. If it works for you do it but here is how I’d approach it. Goals – strength in the “Big Six” and mutant conditioning. Preference for the kettlebell swing. Not much money. The exercises alternate in the most efficient manner possible. Recovery is actually pretty fast during this program because the athlete never works the upper or lower body two days in a row. Solitary Confinement 5. I’ve been using this Veterano Plus program for over a month with great success. Personally I would focus on swings one day a week and do some sort of circuit conditioning on another day. Thanks, and best of luck on the workout, I will see you in Folsom . I’d like your opinion, please I read Coach Wade’s “Convict Conditioning” and I want to do the “Big Six” moves! The stronger your spinal muscles are, the more punishment your spine can take and bounce back smiling. It’s impossible to use the limbs-whether curling, squatting, pressing or pulling-without using the spinal muscles. I was planning on trying out the ‘Veterano’ routine with swings three times a week (light, medium, and heavy swing days). Do you have any suggestions? (Dragon Door probably couldn’t fit this in, since its such a big book.). 27 Adding bodyweight into a regular weights program 28 Prison cardio 28 Diet and prison training 29 Miscellaneous topics Convict Conditioningand kettlebells 30 Convict Conditioningvs gymnastics 31 Pushup handles? Download the Convict Conditioning Wall Chart Bundle (zip file). Good Behaviour – a 3 day per week routine, suitable for everyone and anyone. If you are one of these guys who has a barbell set at home for fitness and strength, you would do well to sell it and buy a cushioned mat to train your spine on instead. One thing I learned from Pavel is that its better to do one set of an exercise everyday then six sets one day a week. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. While swings are one of my favorite exercises I caution you against relying on just one movement for your conditioning. • Good Behavior can be worked into almost anybody’s busy schedule. These moves require a high degree of strength but also a high degree of skill. I ADORE the progressions in CC, and think its one of the best training books of all time. Wonderful work as ever my friend! I hope that helps you out and if you have to ask any follow up questions. Do you think this a great way to reach my goals?

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