crofters organic strawberry premium spread

She eats them on bread every single morning.That is the only thing she will eat for breakfast and sometimes the only thing she will eat for lunch! We are glad to be supporting your company and all of your endeavors. Keep up the good work! I was thrilled to find — I just placed a large order of your spreads. I just wanted to say I tried your strawberry spread this morning and it was SO DELICIOUS!! This is my first time buying the wild blueberry organic. I’m proud to have, Serene and enjoy your products in our home. I always get your strawberry jam and have to try the others,  I am so happy you make a top notch jam without all the extra sugar and corn syrup that so many American jams contain,  LOVE YOU. Thanks so much! Picked it up from my sprouts store here in California because the packaging was adorable and loved that your product was fair trade and organic! This is my go to brand! From heritage to unique organic varieties—we source the very best fruit from the very best growers and naturally get the very best taste. But the REAL JOY was when I got home and spread it on a piece of toast. Thank you for such a great product! Thank you for caring so much about our small town. Then a friend sent me a jar of Crofter’s which met every standard I would require. You have the most excellent quality spreads! Thanks for your efforts! I recently got a Berry Harvest jar from our local Costco. Additionally, the shape of the 28oz jar is great. I especially love the fact that it is seedless and just the right of sweetness and tartness. At last, we can taste the berries and not just sugar, sugar, sugar! I would just like to say that I have tried a great many jams, preserves and jellies in my lifetime and your products are absolutely, hands down the best I have ever had. We recently bought a jar of your blueberry spread at our local Costco. Thank you, thank you for making such a marvelous product and shipping it to Publix Super Markets here in Florida, USA. My deepest thanks to your family. Spread this on anything… and don’t look – you might see me just eating a bit out of the jar. Thank you for your high quality products! The slightly chunky, yet highly spreadable texture of this Wholesale Strawberry Spread makes it a delightful treat for anything from PB&J to ice cream. The yum factor is so strong, you may even find yourself waking up just to have that midnight snack. I like the Fair Trade label which tells me you’re respecting the farmers. Parry Sound is my Canadian home. Just enough sugar but not too much to hide the favor of the organic blueberries. It’s been a journey trying to find a wholesome fruit spread that is organic and so happy I took a chance and bought your brand. You sell amazing products, it’s appreciated in our house and I just wanted to say thanks. I want to tell you that our family loved your products. (I totally lick the spoon…). We could literally eat it all day, that’s why my house is filled with them. Trying to find groceries online has been a sorry experience, but Walmart suggested your jams. Thank you for being part of the Parry Sound community. It means so much to me that the quality is always excellent and I know I can count on you. The quality of your products is great! You can never go wrong with your fresh jelly on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich or on a pancake at any time of the day. This spread never gets tired of well-toasted toast, but craves adventure in ice creams, cheesecakes, and marinades every now and again. I have to say it has become one of my favorite spreads. The flavor shines and my mornings are so much brighter. Love that! That is what we just said.Did we mention there’s more? They are so rich in flavor and quality! Just want to say I bought your fruit spread at my local grocery store and it is absolutely tasty delicious! I am writing to you today to simply let you know how much I love your products! I am so proud to be living in NY state and be able to buy Parry Sound jam. She has Down syndrome and low functioning autism. You guys are making awesome products! Wastewater recycling, energy reduction initiatives, waste diversion—our approach to protecting the environment is a cut above. Hold on for the ride, because these small but mighty blues will knock your socks off. I have found your excellent products at my locate Wal-Mart store. Wow, I could literally just have this out of the jar on a spoon. I am writing to let you know that I absolutely love Crofter’s. In here you’ll find Camarosa and heritage variety Senga Sengana Strawberries. And you can tell just how natural the ingredients are in every bite. An English muffin with a bit of cream cheese and a big blob of your marvelous spread, just love you all! My daughter absolutely loves your spreads. It’s the only jelly we purchase, ever! When the local markets in my area stopped carrying non-gmo, truly organic jelly, jams, and spreads, I simply stopped eating any of them for the next 2-3 years. My son and I really enjoy your organic spreads, especially with sun butter! Easy Wild Blueberry Dark Chocolate Almond Frozen Yogurt, Easy Blueberry Mint or Strawberry Mint Lemonade. My son, is Autistic, his diet is very restricted. Strawberry can also be found as a Just Fruit spread. I just want to let you know my family and I are huge fans of your delicious strawberry and blueberry jellies. I just wanted to thank you for making such a great jam. The berries we use are slightly smaller than the grocery store version, so the little seeds you see are a delicate addition to the slightly chunky texture. You can rummage around many common places for Crofter’s, both online and in store. I was impressed with the simple ingredients and that it’s organic. I LOVE their fruit spreads! I want to tell you about my daughter! As a jam/jelly lover, I am always trying a new brand. It’s the perfect easy lunch for mom to prepare! Wonderful, delicious, absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Our small, family business may have grown a little since 1989, but our commitments have always remained the same: affordable organic spreads, responsible creation, and jars chock-full of flavor and nutrition. Please keep up your delicious and caring work, commitment to quality and the planet, and know that you have many fans!! I did – raspberries. We didn’t mean to make this the perfect complement to peanut butter, but with its smooth spreadability and juiciness, it is by far the champion of PBJs everywhere. Please keep up the good work! Available in 10 oz and 16.5 oz jars. Hugs to all the farmers, the folks in the plant and the marketing people who send it our way. Thank you for making such a great line up of products that we know we can trust for flavor and quality time and again!

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