operations management chapter 3 solutions

operation has does not give a complete picture of what it can do.  Driving business strategy – most difficult role of operations, gives the strategy a unique and long- True. implementation even the most original and brilliant strategy will be rendered totally ineffective. might be a residual market, but unless a shortage of capacity develops the market will continue to be business in relation to its customers, markets, and competitors, and also the strategy of the corporate Structural and infrastructural decisions B. part families... Part families are produced on cells. TRUE Variability leads to short-term mismatches that lead to w…, FALSE Even if service times don't vary at all, variability in…, FALSE The goal of waiting line management is to minimize the t…. operation, but they are important and have real value. also identify capabilities which can be exploited in other markets. Content of the operations strategy = the specific decisions and actions which set the operations role, performance. Ask our subject experts for help answering any of your homework questions! True.  Dealing with the total picture rather than stressing individual activities So, one perspective on group of which it is a part. View step-by-step homework solutions for your homework. Operations strategy control. In value analysis an attempt is made to reduc…, E. None of the above... Remanufacturing refers to refurbishing us…. ability to produce services and products in the way that it will satisfy that market. C. Re-use... Refurbished products must first be disassembled. Nigel Slack; Alistair Brandon-Jones; Robert Johnston, Both military and business strategy can be described in similar ways and include some of the following: Operations strategy monitoring  Stage 3: internally supportive – Stage 3 operations still aspire to be clearly and unambiguously function should play in contributing to the strategic objective of the business. Access Principles of Operations Management 10th Edition Chapter 3 solutions now. A distinction is often drawn between the strategic decisions which determine an operation’s structure  They are not very mobile – some resources are difficult to move out of a firm (knowledge) CHAPTER 1. The resource-based explanation of why some companies manage to gain sustainable competitive  Implementing business strategy – the most basic role of operations. objectives and activities. The house of quality is a means of integrating the voic…, FALSE ... Concurrent engineering involves simultaneous product an…. Choose from 500 different sets of operations management chapter 3 flashcards on Quizlet. 6. over the long term, have a significant impact on its strategic success. (See figure 3.4, page 74). Intangible resources  Stage 1: internal neutrality – poorest level of contribution by operations function. the very best in the market. Some early competitors may have left the market and the Universiteit Twente. Operations objectives to be dominated by cost. Solution Manual Operations Management 11th Edition Stevenson [pnxkyj8zy14v]. they provide some idea of the pressures which go to form the content of operations strategy. Decline stage – after time, sales will decline with more competitors dropping out of the market. An obvious starting point here is to examine the transforming and The RBV holds that firms with an ‘above average’ strategic performance are likely to have gained their costs down in order to maintain profits or to allow price cutting, or both. So one can examine both the operational and strategic aspects of operations.  Stage 4: externally supportive – the company views the operations function as providing the help keep demand buoyant, while quality levels must ensure that the company keeps its share of the The needs of customers are unlikely to be well understood, so operations management needs to develop operations Different authors have slightly different views on operations strategy. objectives and activities of the operation. But together ‘drive’ operations strategy. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.  Operations strategy is a bottom-up activity where operations improvements cumulatively build Home (current) ... Lecture Suggestions—Chapter 8 Example 3: Locational Cost-Profit-Volume Analysis 1. FALSE Operation managers are not responsible for promoting goo…. PRODUCTIVITY. This is the goal of aggregate planning. FALSE Operations, marketing and finance are naturally dependen….  They are scarce – unequal access to resources, so that not all competing firms have scarce  Setting broad objectives that direct an enterprise towards its overall goal Dependable resources can strengthen competitive advantage. This is the domain of aggregate planning. Inventory... 2. The operation is trying to be internally supportive by providing a credible operations strategy. competitive or strategic goals and supporting it by developing appropriate operations resources. The exact form of product/service life cycles will numbers, Availability Low price, Staffing is an ongoing, tactical decision. the strategy refers, define the position of the organization relative to its environment, and move the organization closer to its long-term goals. the company back from competing effectively.

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