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If you’d like to know, just Google it. Cuando te digan que con protestas no se logra nada, muestrales estas fotos. Many individuals came to know about Thunberg when they first saw one of the many shared Greta Thunberg memes on social media. On this website you will find lots of information about arguably 2019’s most prominent viral personality – Greta Thunberg. Cross-Atlantic Trip to the United States. The social activist is based in Stockholm (also now known as the city of Greta Thunberg), Sweden. Greta Thunberg’s mother had also participated in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest held in Moscow. This website is unofficial and has been created to showcase Greta Thunberg’s personality and support her in her continuing battle against climate change. But there’s no doubt that Greta Thunberg is a fighter. Send us any new FFF Country Social Media URLs here, so we can include them! It mainly addressed the leaders of different countries. Being an incredibly strong girl Greta Thunberg takes mental illnesses in her stride. In December 2018, she attended the UN Climate Change Conference. Greta Thunberg’s mental illness is a psychological condition that can disturb one, make a person feel anxious, result in tics, and even consider the possibility of suicide. It might be fake but at least by sharing a Greta Thunbery meme it allows us to spread happiness for the benefit of humanity, something akin to what the teenager is doing herself at present! Many people do not believe that Greta Thunberg’s autism is real, because she does not appear to have any problems with reality. You can also email her at to try to reach her, but this email has not been verified. The impassioned introduction of Greta Thunberg’s UN speech has gained significant attention from the media. In this section you will learn about what made Greta so famous among social media maniacs and people from different nations. She started protesting on 20 August 2018, outside of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. So we can assume whatever has happened among Trump and Greta Thunberg is for an excellent reason and benefits humanity! There you will find lots of images of her daily life and events. Millions of people joined her worldwide strike held on Fridays against climate inaction. Unfortunately, after a few years, her family found out about Greta’s autism. After all, no one denies the fact that she is a big personality. But, how can someone do this against a person working for the excellent cause of protecting the very existence of humanity? As specified earlier, Greta Thunberg is currently around 16 years old. There are still many people guessing.. After seeing the viral photograph of both Greta Thunberg and George Soros together, many people have misunderstood that the young climate change activist has some relationship to Soros. Top Stories. One was published in 2018, with the title “Scenes from the Heart.” Another  was published recently in 2019 as “No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference.” By reading these books you can get an insight into her family, parents, and their net worth. But to get a rough idea about how much Greta Thunberg’s net worth would be, one can do some calculations. Well, we can tell you that her father is Svante Thunberg and her mother is Malena Ernman. The time when Greta Thunberg spoke in Iowa City, she began a keynote speech by stating that she was an indigenous land. After this, people began posting their views about Greta Thunberg and Trump – intentionally to troll him for mocking her! In fact, there are two books about Greta Thunberg as of now! So by sailing the Atlantic Greta Thunberg has demonstrated to her followers about her belief in lowering harmful emissions. Are you interested in knowing who gave birth to this world-recognized environmental activist? It is good to say Greta Thunberg is not only helping humanity to fight for our environment but at the same time she is entertaining us as well. Recently in 2019, there were coordinated multi-city protests to support Greta Thunberg’s strike against climate change. Due to the popularity of Greta Thunberg’s UN speech, transcripts of the speech are in high demand and have been published many times in different articles. A protest rally was held by Greta Thunberg in Denver in which she used printed transcripts to make an impassioned plea to the crowd to support her activism for saving our climate. It’s good that Greta’s inspirational TED Talk videos are available to inspire others to take action. But recently, all such misunderstanding has been cleared up regarding the relationship between Greta Thunberg and George Soros. In her speech, Thunberg admitted that she was suffering with selective mutism and OCD as well. Not even a funny meme. Otherwise they can think the same thought time and time again, becoming obsessive. Recently in September 2019, the former US president, Barack Obama, met with the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. We need 1 million signatures! No one can question that Greta Thunberg’s TED Talk was an inspiring speech that one must listen to. Sadly many of us do not care what tomorrow brings, and simply want to enjoy life today without thinking about tomorrow.

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