how to thread a janome 1600p sewing machine

I place the bobbin in the case, then place the case on my hand. But as I explained in the video, this makes this machine much better at precision sewing and machine quilting! So always do the Yo-Yo Test over a table, possibly over a bath towel so your bobbin or case will not fall and bounce on a hard floor. This means you can only select the stitch length because you can only stitch a straight line. One of the most confusing areas is the slot with three holes before the upper tension guide. Click Here to read more…. I want the bobbin case to slowly slide down as I jiggle the bobbin thread. She's the creator of the Free Motion Quilting Project, a blog filled with thousands of quilting tutorial videos. I’ve also used this type of foot to hem table napkins too. If you have Digitizer software, or just want to learn more about it, be sure to see our extended tutorial series on … See what comes in the box and just how fast this lockstitch machine can sew in this new Machine Monday tutorial: Click Here to check out the Janome 1600P. Whew! Upgrading to Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 (QCT5), To Drop or Not Drop – That is the Question…, How to Baste a Quilt on a Longarm Machine. Unboxing the Janome 1600P – Includes threading, setting bobbin tension, and overview of all features. Regular maintenance is usually enough to keep your machine running smoothly, but sometimes you may run into problems with broken needles, skipped stitches, bad tension or seam puckering. Because of the feet included, out of the box the Janome 1600P is best suited for sewing clothing. Janome has grown into a sewing company that spans the globe. I shared a detailed walk through on how to thread the Janome 1600P and focused on the tricky spots. I’m planning to alternate Mini Block Monday with Machine Monday tutorials so we can continue learning precision piecing and geek out on new machines as well. One of the most confusing areas is the slot with three holes before the upper tension guide. Rolled Hem Foot – this foot is designed to roll the edge of the fabric over and stitch to create a delicate finished edge on a single layer of fabric. In a previous tutorial I did an unboxing for the Stirling by Janome Sewing Machine, which turns out is the same as the Elna 1000, Janome JR 1012 and the Janome New Home Arctic Crystal / Blue Couture / Pink Sorbet sewing machines. That is a lot of features packed into one very simple, streamlined machine. Needle Threader – Quickly get your needle threaded so you can start sewing! Quilting Studio Tour 2020 – Podcast #140, Let’s Make a Sugar Bowl Quilt Block – Mini Block Monday #29, Piece a Tiny Bears Claw Block – Mini Block Monday #28, Let’s Make a Shoo Fly Quilt Block – Mini Block Monday #27, Piece a Monkey Wrench Quilt Block – Mini Block Monday #26. For most threads you only need to thread the first and last holes. Cover the thread cone with the net t if the spool thread is shaky when sewing. Speed control slider Sewing speed can be varied with the speed control slider according to your sewing needs. I second Leah’s commet about not dropping the bobbin case. The bobbins and bobbin case for the Janome 1600P are metal and will dent easily and then not work as well. This machine is capable of stitching 1600 stitches per minute, which will be really useful if you ever decide to put this machine on a quilting frame or sew garments professionally. Before attempting to handle the parts, disconnect the machine from the power source. You can even learn how to use a needle felting machine . Fast speeds and smart design make the 1600P-QC the perfect machine for sewing and quilting! Here’s a few of my favorite features on the Janome 1600: Knee Lifter – This bar inserts into the front of the machine and allows you to lift the presser foot with your knee. After each sewing project, you should check each area the thread runs through to help ensure a clean flow for the next project. Be looking forward to more videos on the Janome 1600 sewing machine and how you can expand its capabilities for quilt piecing and machine quilting with beautifully designed feet and accessories. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leah Day has been teaching online since 2009. Learning the vocabulary, parts and functions of the Janome sewing machine will help you troubleshoot this powerful and versatile machine. The Janome 1600P looks like exactly what it is – a home sewing machine with all of the benefits of an industrial machine. However, after reading about it on the Janome website, I learned that this is, indeed, a straight stitch sewing machine designed for home use. To decrease sewing speed, slide it to the left. When I first saw it, I was under the impression that it was an industrial sewing machine. Note – DON’T DROP YOUR BOBBINS OR BOBBIN CASE! So after winding a bobbin, you’ll want to check the tension of your bobbin case and make sure it’s allowing the thread to slide out smoothly, but not too fast. Your email address will not be published. It was over $60 to replace it, so be careful with it. Always make sure your foot is in the UP position when threading a home sewing machine. This definitely isn’t something you’ll need every day, but will come in very useful when sewing thick, bulky, or slippery materials. All Rights Reserved. View and Download Janome 1600P-QC instruction manual online. Tumbling Blocks Quilt Tutorial – No Y-Seams! Leah has written several books including 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs, Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day, and Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt. The first step to sewing on any new sewing machine is to wind a bobbin so I shared all the steps to threading the top of the machine and winding a bobbin with Aurifil thread. This opens the tension discs and allows the thread to slip between them. In 1921, a Japanese entrepreneur named Mr Ose began the PINE sewing machine company. Another tricky spot is the needle. Learn more about the Janome 1600p Home Sewing Machine! Needle Up / Down – This button on the front of the machine will quickly lift or drop your needle and then the needle will always end either up or down. P.S – Yes, we will be back with more Mini Block Monday tutorials next week! I use Aurifil for quilt piecing and sewing garments. How to Piece Quilts on the Janome 1600P – Learn how to piece accurate quilt blocks with a patchwork foot. However, just like any other machine or piece of equipment, proper maintenance is required so as to make the unit more … I check my bobbin case tension by doing a Yo-Yo Test. But what you lose in fancy stitches, you gain in speed! * Foot control model TJC-005 is used with sewing machine model 1600P. How to Piece Quilts on the Janome 1600P – Learn how to piece accurate quilt blocks with a patchwork foot.

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