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However, names of historical importance are generally translated and written in the Hungarian way, e.g. The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (2010) reverses the Hungarian order to put given name first, but allows all diacritics on the name: 8.13 Hungarian names. Before the 20th century, foreign names were often translated, for example, Jules Verne's name was written as "Verne Gyula", and a Hungarian pronunciation was used. This way of writing names is not used for people who are not Hungarian (or not from another country where Eastern name order is used). Since 2004 they can also get a hyphenated name, but only if both parents kept their birth names at least as one part of their new name. When baptised, a child can get an additional name (baptismal name), especially if there is no saint who bears their name, so they take a name associated with a patron saint. The Hungarian language is one of the few national languages in Europe to use the Eastern name order, among languages like Chinese, Japanese, K… Names from languages using a different script (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, etc.) Some women who officially bear the -né form will nevertheless introduce themselves with their husband's family name and their own first name (in our example, Kovács Júlia or Kovácsné Júlia, rather than Kovács Jánosné), to avoid confusion about how to address them. If one or both partners-to-be come to the marriage with more than one surname, they will have to agree which ones to keep. Leaders of countries are translated only in the case of monarchs and members of their families. The Hungarian language is one of the few national languages in Europe to use the Eastern name order, among languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese and some Basque nationalists.[1]. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life! During the Communist rule of Hungary, great emphasis was put upon the equality of women and men, and from that time, women could either choose to keep their maiden name or take that of their husband. In our example, the family name, This page was last edited on 31 July 2020, at 23:33. 2009a. "Surnames of Foreign Origin in a Language Contact Situation. In English language academic publishing, archiving and cataloguing, different manuals of style treat Hungarian names in different ways. But many Hungarians of German descent retained their original surnames like Horn, Deutsch, Staller, Keller, Rockenbauer, Hoffmann, etc.[8]. Now, the alternatives for a woman when she marries are as shown below (using the examples of Szendrey Júlia and Petőfi Sándor – Júlia and Sándor are their given names): The applicable law,[9] which used to give substantially different sets of options to women and men, was declared sexist and unconstitutional. Remember! Unless acknowledged officially, such spelling variants cannot be used as legal names. For example, common Hungarian surnames include Németh "German," Horvát "Croat," Tóth an outdated term for "Slovak" (now Szlovák in modern Hungarian), however it can also mean "Croat", since one of the Hungarian names for Slavonia (the northern part of Croatia, bordering to Hungary) was Tothorszag;[4] although Horváth is the more usual contemporary formulation, Oláh, an outdated term for "Wallachian", and Lengyel, "Polish". For example, "Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom" becomes II. So for example Szendrey Júlia, marrying Petőfi Sándor, became Petőfi Sándorné (the -né suffix approximately means "wife of", and this is the Hungarian equivalent of "Mrs." as in "Mrs. John Smith"). If one or both parents of a child to be named are foreign citizens, the given name(s) may be chosen in accordance with the respective foreign law.[14]. (Néni and bácsi, "aunt" and "uncle", are traditional polite forms to address older people, and, for children, to address all adults; it does not indicate a family relationship.). Children can get either parent's surname, if it is on the marriage certificate, but all children must have the same surname.

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