infinity minus infinity otolith group

During their collaboration The Group have drawn from a wide range of resources and materials; their research-based work spans moving image, audio, performance, installation, and curation. The Otolith Group’s films include The Radiant, The Third Part of the Third Measure, Medium Earth, INFINITY minus Infinity… This keynote lecture by T. J. Demos will be available to watch on 19 November from 10.00am. It is an act, a gesture, a program and a proposal for aesthetic education in the Disunited Kingdom. Courtesy: the artists. INFINITY MINUS INFINITY | THE OTOLITH GROUP September 27 | 2 - 3 PM VIRTUAL EVENT Limited attendance | RSVP at INFINITY minus Infinity draws on … JA: I love the way that Eshun speaks. At first, you may think that infinity subtracted from infinity is equal to zero. It’s fabulous and beguiling. The Otolith Group was founded in 2002 and consists of Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun who live and work in London. This presentation begins with consideration of Infinity Minus InfinityInfinity Minus Infinity The Otolith Group, INFINITY Minus Infinity, 2019, film still. The Otolith Group’s INFINITY minus Infinity, which premiered in November 2019 at the First Sharjah Architecture Triennale, sets itself the task of rendering the afterlife of slavery in the UK. After all, any number subtracted by itself is equal to zero, however infinity is not a real (rational) number. This point you raise concerning racism as weather ties in with Eshun’s mode of address in her performance. It’s not acting and it’s not reading. INFINITY MINUS INFINITY brings together dance, music, recital and digital animation to compose a transhistorical zone in which the unpayable debts of racial capitalism cannot be separated from the ongoing crimes of capitalogenic climate catastrophe.

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