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Full name: California Polytechnic State UniversityReferred to as: Cal PolyLocation: San Luis Obispo — about 230 miles south of San Francisco, 200 miles north of Los Angeles, 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean Affiliation: Part of the 23-campus California State University systemEmphasis: Comprehensive undergraduate education, combining technical and professional curricula with the arts and humanities Guiding philosophy: Le… Easily accessible from the 10 and 57 freeways, Cal Poly Pomona is strategically located at the nexus of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. On a hillside next to Cal Poly there is a white concrete “P’ on the side of the mountain. Kinkos was neither a senior project nor started by a Cal Poly grad. A number of organizations are involved in the university's governance and administration. // ]]> Cal Poly Pomona is best experienced in person. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was established as the California Polytechnic School in 1901 when Governor Henry T. Gage signed the California Polytechnic School Bill after a campaign by journalist Myron Angel.The polytechnic school held its first classes on October 1, 1903 to 20 students, offering secondary level courses of study, which took three years to complete. Just The Facts is a brief summary of institutional data that compiles current and historical enrollment trends by degree program and at the university-wide level. [CDATA[ In the early 1800s, Pomona was known as an "urban garden". Named in honor of the Roman goddess of fruit, the City of Pomona has a history as rich as its fertile soil. On March 8, 1901, Governor Gage signed legislation to establish the California Polytechnic School. A year later it became part of the Mission San Gabriel Grazing lands. As an inclusive polytechnic university, we cultivate success through experiential learning, discovery and innovation. Our graduates are ready to … The founding of California Polytechnic State University, with its "learn-by-doing" philosophy, began when local journalist Myron Angel gathered a group of citizens in 1894 to lobby for a state school in San Luis Obispo. His teachers had labeled him as “dimwitted.” (The real problem, he learned 20 years later, was nearsightedness – he couldn’t see the blackboard). First-time Freshmen Characteristics. On January 6,1888, Pomona was incorporated as a City and became a charter City in 1911. Number: 3,694. Faculty in all disciplines put theory to practice, providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, research collaborations, and valuable internship and service-learning programs. New Transfer Characteristics. Pomona area was situated along a trade route used by Native Americans. 2020-21 academic year is predominantly virtual/remote. Our history and geography are unlike any other university in the region. Will Keith Kellogg was born April 7, 1860, to Michigan pioneer parents. Pomona area was situated along a trade route used by Native Americans. An active community of faculty, staff and students provide a constant stream of news and events. We invite you to explore our 1,438-acre campus, with its rolling hills and gardens. was a careful observer and a shrewd bargainer, with a photographic memory and a penchant for working 120-hour weeks. SAT Composite Score: 1,141. Pomona quickly became an economic leader in citrus. Download a … Pomona boasts a progressive economy, business opportunity, and a strong workforce with attractive shopping, recreational, and real estate offering. Named in honor of the Roman goddess of fruit, the City of Pomona has a history as rich as its fertile soil. He hadn’t been much of a student anyway. © The first classes met October 1, 1903. Students enjoy endless opportunities for involvement in a vibrant and diverse community. Cal Poly Pomona is among the best public universities in the West and is nationally ranked for helping students achieve economic success. To learn about how we keep your information safe, view our. Many academic, administrative and support groups contribute to the university’s success and growth. From 1847 to 1849 California was governed by the U.S. military. The first recorded inhabitants were the Gabrieleno Native Americans. Transfer Units Earned: Yet in a business setting, other traits outweighed his shortcomings: W.K. Today, Pomona is the fifth-largest city in Los Angeles County, with a population of over 163,000 residents. Nowhere else can students ride an Arabian horse, practice on a Steinway piano, bring a new product to market, and build a liquid-fueled rocket. It is a long … Citrus orchards and olive groves replaced vineyards in the 1890's and, through its agricultural enterprises Pomona maintained an economic lead in the valley. was painfully shy in most social situations. As a polytechnic university, Cal Poly Pomona utilizes a technology-enhanced, learn-by-doing approach to education. edited 8 years ago. Discover Cal Poly Pomona’s rich legacy and its connection to cereal company magnate W.K.

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