ksm32 vs at4050

Trying to compare a KSM32 vs. AT4033 but not sure if KSM32 is working right . The Audio Technica AT4050 is a workhorse mid-budget large diaphragm condenser. Share. Surely the 44 … Forums Calendar Active Threads … Eventually, Audio-Technica decided to build a condenser mic that would offer a little more character and attitude than the decidedly neutral AT4050. Share with: Link: Copy link. Audio Technica AT4050. Isn't the KSM32 cardioid only? The resulting AT4047 is a design that’s … It’s variable polar pattern, pad and low cut filter make it adaptable to a wide range of … Randy Coppinger – Audio Technica AT4050 vs. AT4033 Randy Coppinger – Neumann u87Ai vs. Shure SM7B or Shure KSM32 vs Gefell UMT 70 Sessions With Slau – Vocal Mic Shootout @ Legacy Recording You're comparing three and five pattern duel diaphragm mics (the AT4050 and C414 respectively) with a single pattern, single diaphragm mic. MusicPlayerNetwork.com Forums MPN Archives Roger Nichols' Digital Recording Forum Opinions:Shure KSM44, (KSM32 vs. KSM44),&KSM32 vs. AT4050.

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