enterprise architecture in a nutshell

Separating Responsibilities and Processes Walker’s view was that “organizational responsibilities” and “processes” were two different things. The US Federal Government developed it in 2006. Eneterprise Architecture: provides a high-level view of how hardware systems, data, software applications, business processes and operating models work together to provide the University's services. To ensure the coherence between the views, MODAF is underpinned by a model that defines the relationship between all the data in all the views. Treat the whole enterprise as a system 3. UPDM is the Unified Profile for DoDAF / MODAF /NAF 3.0. Capability Viewpoint (CV) – New in DoDAF V2.0. The client he was responsible for was undergoing a huge corporate merger which entailed major integration issues. Zachman himself has asserted that Enterprise Architecture is not about building IT models but about solving general management problems. Ensure a common approach for understanding, comparing, and integrating architectures, Act as a key enabler for acquiring and fielding cost-effective and interoperable capabilities, Align with architecture references produced by international standard bodies, produce standard DoDAF / MODAF / NAF products as well as commercial extensions, leverage cross-industry, standards-based approaches (e.g., MDA, UML, SysML) to enhance tool and architecture data interoperability, MDA foundation enables UAF to evolve with DoDAF v2 and beyond (i.e. Systems Viewpoint (SV) – Articulates, for legacy support, the design for solutions articulating the systems, their composition, interconnectivity, and context providing for or supporting operational and capability functions. All Viewpoint (AV) – Describes the overarching aspects of architecture context that relate to all viewpoints. As such, systems should be designed to automate the process, not to encode the organizational responsibilities, to keep these two independent of each other. Aaron Tan Dani, Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific [email protected]. Provide a way to organize and present architectures to stakeholders, Specify the guidance, rules, and product descriptions for developing and presenting architecture information. Ever wondered how large enterprise scale systems are designed? An enterprise architecture framework (EA framework) defines how to create and use an enterprise architecture, which provides principles and practices for creating and using the architecture description of a system. The Federal Enterprise Architectural Framework (FEA) is one of the newest attempts to create a solid structure for organizations. FEA was the foundation for a massive restructuring of a high-end government. In a nutshell, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is about change. Uncategorized; Tags . As the leading business IT architecture firm in Asia Pacific, we are dedicated in changing the way companies in the region Video : Enterprise Architecture in a Nutshell. Methodology Needed It’s worth noting that the Zachman Framework was designed to describe an enterprise. Although DoDAF is primarily focused on defense applications, it can also be applied to commercial systems. The objectives of the framework are to: NAF 4.0 defines Viewpoints, Views and Architecture Descriptions. Integrate the enterprise 5. The NAF is designed to ensure that architectures developed adhering to it can be understood, compared, justified and related across many organizations, including NATO and other National Defence initiatives. Zachman then looked into other fields like buildings, airplanes and locomotives, to see how these things were put together. These components are analogous to a musical orchestra as can be seen in the diagram below. All Rights Reserved. Services Viewpoint (SvcV) – New in DoDAF V2.0. And with that, the Zachman Framework was born. The purpose of enterprise architecture is to determine how an organization can most effectively achieve the current and future objectives of its business goals. IASA is an association for all IT architects which includes those in the fields of infrastructure architecture, business architecture, information architecture and software architecture among others. MODAF provides a coherent set of rules and templates, known as ‘views’, that, when populated, provide a graphical and textual visualization of the business area being investigated. A very quick overview of Enterprise Architecture. It does this by enabling the capture and presentation of information in a rigorous, coherent and comprehensive way that aids the understanding of complex issues. ... How Enterprise Architecture can help you. EA in a nutshell. Project Viewpoint (PV) – New in DoDAF V2.0. Articulates the applicable operational, business, technical, and industry policies, standards, guidance, constraints, and forecasts that apply to capability and operational requirements, system engineering processes, and systems and services. It didn’t tell you how to do Enterprise Architecture. The details and methods contained within TOGAF help guide businesses through any step of business organization. These industry-standard enterprise Architecture Frameworks include three different types of frameworks: The EA Template Framework is any specific method or process for collecting, managing or using the information that it describes. This ‘grid’ structure, represents the various ‘subjects of concern’ (rows) and ‘aspects of concern’ (columns), as shown below: The Unified Architecture Framework® (UAF®) is based on the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF™ (UPDM™).

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