tlm 102 vs

The TLM 102 also processes extreme volume and jumps in dynamics without distortion. It SEEMS like the C414 would be better suited as an acoustic guitar mic, whereas the 102 … The M930 beats the TLM 102 in its self-noise rating (6 dBA vs. 12dBA) and sensitivity (23 mV/Pa vs. 11 mV/Pa), albeit at a street price that is 70% higher. Our “baby” reproduces sound pressure levels of up … So, this mic is really no-frill and … That makes it an excellent choice for miking loud amps and drums. … The TLM 102 is nice for money, and of course there are a million other choices, but the U87 is a professional standard vocal mic for a reason. Well, a notable difference between AKG C214 vs Neumann TLM 102 is found in the feature set; Neumann TLM 102 doesn’t have any pre-attenuation pad or filter. The 3 mics in my subject line (TLM 102, 103, AKG C414) are in my price range, and I've heard great things about all 3. It will give you a very nice polished pro sound that … The TLM 102 received a TEC award in 2010.

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