opinel no 8 ebony review

So if one-handed opening is a requirement for your EDC, then Opinels are definitely not for you. As the "standard" size, the No. Do you already own and use this product? I haven't done a rigorous comparison of the edge retention between the carbone and inox versions but the online communities rate them equivalently. button to get started - we'll even send you a special coupon code once you're done to thank you for your feedback! With that said, I think that the no-nonsense approach of Opinel folding knives embody this sentiment especially since the Victoria and Albert Museum declared the Opinel knife one of the 100 best designed objects in the world in 1985. : +1-435-213-1125 Overview Forged from a single shard of steel, the Gerber Shard is…, Spyderco is a unique knife manufacturer that puts the upmost priority on…. Open and in use, the Opinel No 8 is similar in dimensions to a small steak knife. Opinel knives work equally well as a first pocket knife or in the hands of a more experienced user. The Opinel No. Its combination of a high-performance blade with classy styling make it a top choice. Th… Toll-Free: +1-877-883-6276 A functional, stylish pocket knife that doubles as an outdoor adventure go-to. See All Buying Options. Below is the "after" picture with some excess olive oil still present. There is a simple trick to open these with one hand but it's not appropriate for field work and is more suited to picnics or work in the kitchen. Opinel No 8 review. 8 Pocket Knife. Blade Length: 3.25, Closed Length: 4.25, Blade Material: Steel, Serrated: Plain, Knife Application: Folding Blade, Handle Material: Ebony, Blade Finish: Stainless Steel, Handle Color: Black, Additional Features: Blade Length No.8, 3.25 in, Share your thoughts, opinions and expertise with the world by being the first to leave a review. Therefore, if you are looking to use one of these knives for outdoor activities like bushcrafting then the inox version should work adequately without compromising longevity of a sharp edge. On a recent backpacking trip I was fortunate enough to have brought my new Opinel No. 8 Pocket Knife. I carry an Opinel #8 stainless steel knife every day and found it perfect for nearly every need. Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019. 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Friday August 31, 2018Grant + Save to a List. I believe that the carbone version has a varnish finish and the inox has a polyurethane finish (note the different color). 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Saturday. The "No 8" we tested is the most popular size and has an 8.5 cm blade). Intl. Lightweight, and comfortable in the hand, the Opinel #8 is perfect for dining or cooking tasks, office chores, and even basic field craft. The Opinel No 8 is one of the most lightweight options for a knife out there. Opinel No. by Opinel. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Looks like there are no reviews yet for this product. Flawless. Pictured above is Rob's walnut inox version. The quickest place to obtain these blades is Amazon. The Opinel #8 is a much more logical choice than some of the giant blades you see clipped to peoples belts, unless your profession places you in harm’s way, pulling out a 6″ tactical folder in a boardroom, classroom or the neighborhood pub sends the wrong message altogether. All positive reviews › Simon. Also, if you are in the market for affordable kitchen knives, Opinel has a wide variety of options. Opinel knives are largely unchanged from their original designs from 1890 and consist of four parts: a wood handle, steel collar, a pin, and a blade. Be the First to Review the Opinel No 8 Ebony Folding Knife. 45 grams is all it weighs, or 1,6 ounces. Opinel No. 8 is by far their most popular knife design & size, and while it’s most commonly seen sporting beechwood handles and a carbon steel blade, it’s also available in a wide array of different handle materials and steel types. Overall, I've really enjoyed EDC'ing the carbone version for about a month and can definitely recommend these knives to anyone in the market for a traditional blade. The blade profile and grind really make this knife excel at cutting and it's hard to beat at the price point of $10-15. Jet black ebony: the chic version of the N°08 African ebony is a dense black wood with a velvety feel. It was an extremely easy process and involves baking your opinel in the oven at 350 F with a light coating of olive oil. Opinel knives are largely unchanged from their original designs from 1890 and consist of four parts: a wood handle, steel collar, a pin, and a blade. Also, the overall knife is extremely lightweight since there are no liners which makes working with these blades very easy. Both versions have a very sharp 90-degree spine that works well with ferro-rods. Goes well with my bubinga No 6. Top positive review. Store:

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