rode lavalier go phantom power

4,8 von 5 Sternen 24. Since the dawn of microphones, there have been two greatly different types of signals: balanced and unbalanced. XLR connections use phantom power, which provides up to 48V between the two balanced signal lines and the ground. 30,65 € Nur noch 3 auf Lager. I bought a Sony ECMCS3 lavalier mic, but I can't use it with my Mac because it's not powered. Power source: 2 X AA Battery Or MicroUSB: Antenna: Internal: Input connection : 3.5mm TRS Locking Jack Socket: Input impedance: 10kΩ: Dimensions: 111mm X 65mm X 40mm: Weight: 190gm: RØDELink LAV. Rode MiCon – 5 Adapter für Rode hs1-pinmic Lavalier und 48 (Phantom Power XLR). The Lavalier Go is a broadcast-grade omnidirectional condenser mic with a 4.5mm capsule. For starters, this is much higher than the 2.7V the mic is designed to use, and can very easily damage the mic. Output Impedance: 3k Ω Typical. Ideally it should be portable, and cost less than $30. Polar Pattern: Omni-directional. Lavalier GO is designed to perform excellently in any broadcast application. Frequency Range: … The 3.5mm TRS connector is designed to pair perfectly with the RØDE Wireless GO and most recording devices with a 3.5mm TRS microphone input. The Lavalier's low self-noise, user friendly omni-directional polar pattern and minimal appearance make it an ideal solution for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship and anywhere where a high quality microphone needs to be heard but not seen. Standard Delivery Times . ACOUSTIC & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS. 17,59 € Nur noch 15 auf Lager. What this means in turn is that you can’t just use an adapter like Rode’s VXLR and turn on phantom power. It comes with a mounting clip, a foam pop filter and uses kevlar reinforced cabling to cope with the inevitable tangles and knocks that this kind of gear gets when it’s in use out in the wild. Available shortly (2-5 days) Available shortly (2-5 days) This item has been ordered with our suppliers and should be in our warehouse in the next few days. In these cases you can use a lavalier mic - and Rode has made one to partner this system. Lavalier GO is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications. RØDE Wireless Go Compact Mikrofonsystem kabellos 4,6 von 5 Sternen 2.470. Acoustic Principle: Permanently Polarised Condenser. Rode Lavalier GO. What do I need to buy to make it work? Rode Micon-1 Mikrofon adapter 3,8 von 5 Sternen 16. The RØDE Lavalier is a discreet lapel microphone that provides broadcast-quality audio when close-miked in almost any scenario. 184,00 € Zoom H6 Black/GE mobiler Audio-Rekorder 4,6 von 5 Sternen 48. RØDE VXLR Plus XLR to 3.5mm Female TRS Transforming Adapter The VXLR+ is a 3.5mm female TRS socket to male XLR adaptor, which will convert 12-48V Phantom Power down to 3-5V 'Plug in Power', allowing RØDE on-camera microphones such as the VideoMicro and VideoMic GO, as well as self-worn microphones like the HS2 Headset Mic to receive power from the XLR input.

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