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Tevesh betrayed the group, killing two of their members before Urza slew him in turn, remarking that Tevesh’s betrayal was planned for: Urza used Tevesh’s life-force to power a series of soul-bombs used to devastate Old Phyrexia, circumventing the moral quandry of who to use for such an act by choosing a monster like Tevesh. Szadek used Savra to gain control of four of Ravnica's guilds — the Boros Legion, by replacing its leaders with lupul; House Dimir; the Golgari Swarm itself, by overthrowing the remaining Sisters of Stone Death; and the Selesnya Conclave, by Savra's becoming a member of the Chorus of the Conclave — simultaneously. How much this might effect their relationship going forward, however, is unknown. Centuries later, the two end up re-united on Ulgrotha: Sengir has by this point become Baron Sengir, and Ravi has been awake and trapped in suspended animation for centuries following a cataclysmic event in Ulgrotha’s past, leaving her to slowly go insane in her unending wakefullness. (And before you ask: yes, I saw the first set of leaks; no, I haven’t seen the later ones; yes, I rushed this out a bit earlier than I meant to post it to make sure I get my predictions in before leaks prove me right or wrong; and yes, rushing this out is why I didn’t deliver my zombie tribal article today like I promised yesterday.). Kynaios and Tiro were ancient rulers in Theros, who helped overthrow the immortal archon Agnomakhos and lead in a new age of freedom for Therosian life. Even Agrus’ death doesn’t stop his role in fighting the conspiracy, Ravnican magic binding his ghost to the world and allowing him to keep interfering with those who’d prefer him gone: all the while, Feather’s journey charts out the course of her journey through the Boros after a shadowy event left her wings bound before the trilogy began. The children of a noble family in Innistrad, related to the then-Lunarch – head of the Church of Avacyn – Mikaeus, a buried scandal saw the siblings banished from civilization and moving to the Moorland, a sparsely-populated province of Gavony, where they proceeded to go to war with one another using their necromantic subjects. To be fair, we actually have not been told yet whether or not the partners in Legends will actually be printed as thematic pairs. Kamahl died at some point in Karona’s death, and with Karona’s death Jeska managed to re-emerge as her own entity, her own planeswalker spark igniting and sending her away from Dominaria. At a later point, Kamahl steeled himself to slay the entity that was once his sister, but his attempt to kill her also slew two other beings – the sentient illusion known as Karona, and the human woman Zagorka. As their home-contient of Sarpadia fell to instability after the catacylsmic end of the Brothers’ War, Tymolin became invoved with the struggles of the dwarven empire due to her dwarven lover; meanwhile, Tev became bitter and isolationist. Pia and Kiran started their life of crime by helping smuggle aether to those who needed it, but when they found their daughter Chandra – yes, that Chandra – to be a fire mage, they fled their home of Ghirapur. First introduced in Battlebond as a dangerously in-sync pair in the arenas, our trip to Eldraine showed just where the twins came from: the children of the High King of Eldraine and his Queen, a trickster planeswalker’s tormenting of their father led the twins to try and find their wayward father, and ended with their shared planeswalker spark igniting and leading the twins away from Eldraine. Tymolin’s history is a bit vague, and Tev/Tevesh’s lifespan has quite a few gaps, but his antics through Dominaria’s history are notorious enough that it’s high time that he finally get a card. Prior to his death, Jarad was a bounty hunter, mainly working in the depths of the Undercity, skilled enough to have dealt with many high-profile targets, and often contracted to deal with specific Rakdos ringleaders. Something I would love to play! Her connection with the dwarves might suggest Tymolin would be red, though honestly no source I’ve found seems to denote Tymolin having a leaning towards any color in specific. If they get printed it’s likely that Agrus will be red and Feather will be white, but I truly do feel it would work better the other way. Barrin was born during the Ice Age that followed the Brothers’ War, a period 1400 years before his death during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. That was during TIme Spiral in 2006, fourteen years ago. Whether the events of Battlebond were the Kenrith twins’ immediate destination, or a bit further down their road, is unknown; however, giving them another reprinting in Legends could help fill in the gaps. The Weatherlight’s journey is hard to describe in a single paragraph, but suffice to say the Weatherlight’s crew – as well as the stories of Hanna and Gerrard – were threaded all throughout multiple years of Magic’s story predating Nicol Bolas becoming the main antagonist of the plot. The surface answer is to say Agrus would be red and Feather would be white, keeping with Agrus’ epitomizing of the ‘gruff street cop’ stereotype and Feather being an angel. However, as is noted in the first card to reference the kings, this isn’t how their story is remembered centuries down the road. I believe that a third printing as two separate cards would give them the dubious honor of being the first characters to be depicted on two, then one, then two cards in their various depictions. Baron Sengir and his extended family proceed to terrorize Ulgrotha and bend it to the family’s will over the following years: the last we see Ulgrotha, Baron Sengir is marching an army through a gate to another plane. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a domain. Slowly yet surely, the Nine Titans are all getting their own cards…, (I can’t wait for Bo Levar or Commodore Guff.). However, I feel a more fitting pair is Agrus being white and Feather being red. Unfortunately, due to a still-ongoing leak, a good deal of the set is likely to be known by then.

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