since two years

This wouldn't be standard English, but the person who would say this sentence probably wouldn't care about using "standard" English. Since has to have a specific time reference. ; He's been here for 6 months and still can't speak a word of German. 2. ; I've only known her for a few weeks. I have lived here since two years ago. Da due anni , il country manager è un grande esperto del settore dei parquet, Luca Stacchiotti, con oltre venti anni di esperienza in un'altra importante azienda italiana. Apple I've had this watch for more than 40 years. 1. I am not sure if "since 2 years ago" works here. Analysis: Two Years After McCarrick Investigation Began, Report Not Yet in Sight As we approach two years since the investigation into the former archbishop of … Is sentence 2 grammatically correct? I have lived here for two years. It has been (= it's been) two years since we last saw each other. Two months ago is such a reference, but a reader might initially be confused by seeing since followed by two months, which would normally be preceded by for. 40 year old Dan Maurer suffers from a mysterious medical condition which has taken over his life. Is it an acceptable sentence? You will hear things like " It is (it's) two years since we last saw each other. " '2 years' is not a point of reference in the past. She is the first of five children and reportedly started her porn career in the Nigerian porn industry in 2018. For/since. That would be standard English. You could use "for 2 years" to indicate you've kept learning in the past 2 years. Isn't sentence 1 better and more natural? 2 Years Since She Became An Adult Film Actress, See Her Recent Pictures (See Photos) October 29, 2020 1 min read 80naija. Since two years, the country manager is a great expert in the field of flooring, Luca Stacchiotti with over twenty years of experience in another important Italian company. I started working here two … I saw some debates on the validity of "since 2 years ago" on some websites. 'Since' is used with a point in time. Ajibola Elizabeth or popularly known as Maami Igbagbo is Nigeria’s most popular blue film actress. or. The words for and since are used in sentences where the speaker wants to talk about something that started in the past and continues into the present.. For is used when specifying the amount of time (how long):. The correct alternatives are: I`ve been working here for two months. It is perfectly right, but so is Simple Present Tense ie “It is two years since I started working here “.

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