top 10 beer brands in world 2020

As per the Centre of International Communication Studies, Tsingtao has acquired over 90% brand recognition in several developed countries in Europe and North America. It did this by acquiring beer brands that raised its status to one of the five biggest brewers in Asia. Coors Light. The Castel Group was founded in 1949. The company holds a stake in Myanmar Brewery Limited as well as Asia Pacific Breweries and owns Kirin Europe, Kirin Brewery of America, Philippine-based San Miguel Brewery, and other subsidiaries. It sells at around $1 per liter in China, according to Quartz. Castel is a globally recognized beverage name and one of the world’s largest beer companies, symbolized by a wide range of acclaimed Châteaux and brands, and with an established presence in over 130 countries. 2. In Japan, the company’s Ichiban Shibori and Kirin Lager are well-known beer brands, while its Kirin Tanrei is a popular low-malt beer. Carlsberg. Founded in 1889 in Osaka as the Osaka Beer Company, Asahi Breweries kept the No. Founded in 1864 by by Gerard Heineken in Holland, the beer brand has built itself up to become one of the leading premium lagers in the market. All rights reserved.For reprint rights. The taste is described as "very watery" and "highly carbonated" by Rate Beer. 5. Founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg is one of the leading international brewery groups in the world today, with a vast portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. However, after the former’s acquisition by Anheuser Busch InBev, China Resources bought out the remaining stake. The beer has become popular in large part due to its low price. The 4% proof lager is a joint venture between SABMiller and China Resources and Enterprise. The signature blue-branded beer is brewed for longer than the original Budweiser. 4. One of its flagship beer brands, Snow is now one of the top-selling beer brands in the world. Despite the popularity of Budweiser, its younger, weaker sibling Bud Light actually has a greater share of the international market. Japan-based Kirin is one of the largest producers of beverages, and its subsidiary Kirin Brewery Company is one of the largest beer brands in the world. Porter is a beer style that was created in London sometime in the 18th century, but well-balanced and aromatic modern varieties do not share many similarities to the original version. Times Internet Limited. Change is a necessary feature in the beer industry. Heineken sells more than 8.5 million barrels of its beer brands in the U.S and expects those numbers to increase with data-driven developments and AI augmentation to its operations, advertising, and customer experience. It is pale, comes with a thick head of white foam, and has a faintly bittersweet flavor, according to Rate Beer. The beer has become popular in large part due to its low price. Founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg is one of the leading international brewery … The Asahi Breweries Group is expanding its business to products beyond just alcohol, including foods and pharmaceuticals. Coors Light is a Canadian lager brand. The beer is most popular in the US, UK, and Canada, but Coors has also attempted to spread globally. The 4.8% lager is most popular in North East China, from where it originates and, like many other of the beers on this list, it is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. The pilsner's strength varies around the world, but often retails at 2.8% — making it one of the weakest beers on the list. Coors Light. 2 brewer in the world and No. A surge of new beer brands have entered the fray, while existing companies have innovated broad ranges of new products. Arguably the best known beer brand in the anglosphere, Budweiser is a classic American lager which is known for its amber color and and refreshing taste. Heineken continues to invest in marketing its brand globally – most recently as the o cial sponsor of the Rugby World Cup in Japan. The target audience has evolved and the beer brands must adjust accordingly. Global beer volume market share: 2.5%. Once a big beer brand with a small corporate footprint, Carlsberg Group has become the world’s fourth-largest beer company within the past two decades, acquiring other small beer brands such as Kronenbourg. Its Western Europe sales grew 8% last year, while sales in the overseas market increased by 12%.

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