types of knives and their uses with pictures

Knives have been used as a weapon, cooking tools and in the modern world eating utensils. Stop this Dangerous Habit Right Now. Kitchen knives are designed specifically to be used in food preparation. The serrated-edged knives aren’t the easiest to sharpen so many times a new knife is bought to replace a dull one. These sharp primitive knives decorated with feathers, jewels, and carved designs were present at the dining table until the Middle Ages when forks became in vogue. The straight back knife blade features a curved edge and a flat, dull side. It is used to spread, well, butter, jams and other spreads on food and breads. Each blade performs a specific task, so knowing the different types of kitchen knives can help a cook work more efficiently and safely. Though it is called a bread knife, it is a popular choice for slicing foods with a hard outer layer with a softcore like tomatoes. Utility knives are best known as an all-purpose kitchen knife because of their wide-ranging uses and capabilities. Some survival knives are heavy-bladed and thick but a good size for an all-around survival knife is approximately 10 inches long. Its small size ensures a better grip and precision while in use. While most of these knives have specific functions, there are some all-purpose knives that can still get most of the work done. Most have three blades and two springs inside that help the blade stays closed or open. They may be sold as Fillet Knives. This knife is used mostly for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables. Kitchen; Last update: Nov 24, 2020 ☰ Table of Content . The knife typically a broad blade tapering upward to a point, allowing the knife to swing back and forward for quick mincing. Your email address will not be published. In the same way you wouldn't use a chainsaw to trim a picture frame, you wouldn't use a meat cleaver to peel potatoes, for instance. 11 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting(IF) – The Ancient Secret to Weight Loss, 31 Creative Tree Stump Furniture Ideas / Examples To Inspire You, 11 Interesting Facts About Our Tongue and Taste Buds You Had No Idea About, Warning: Never Ever Share These 15 Things With Anyone, 7 Reasons to Adopt Earthenware and Say Hello To Healthy You, 23 Deadly Deforestation Facts That Makes Everyone Anxious about Future, 50+ Minimalist and Cute Food Tattoos You Have Ever Seen, 31 Food Tattoos Every Pro Chef Should See Before Getting Inked, 31 Quick and Easy DIY Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids – The Perfect Winter Activity, 41+ Really Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids to Make, 21 Simple DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Kids & Families, 15 Inexpensive & Easy Homemade Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Hostess, 35 Easy & Last Minute DIY Birthday Cards Anyone Can Make, How to Choose Non-Toxic & Healthiest Cookware Items for your Kitchen, How to Make Decorative Wine Bottle Lights Without Drilling (19 Easy Ideas), How to Grow Organic Vegetables at Home – Step by Step Guide, 31+ Super Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas You’ll Love, 15 Personal Hygiene Hacks Every Mother Must Share with Their Daughter, 9 Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs That Promises to Keep You Warm & Healthy in Winters. It is used primarily for cutting large pieces of meat into smaller chunks such as steaks. You can always have the right knife for the task. They also come in an array of styles and models, some of which are designed for a singular purpose and others that can fulfill many different needs. Ancient Egyptians also used knives while hunting and even created wooden handles for their stone blades. You can always have the right knife for the task. Cleavers are heavy, sharp knives used to cut through bones. It is also used for making delicate fillets and for sushi slicing. Our list below the diagram is more comprehensive, but this diagram is a good overview (and it looks cool). Hawkbill and talon knife blade shapes are used for specialty knives that are specifically designed for tasks such as cutting carpet and other materials, as well as pruning plants. They come with perforated holes which keeps the cheese from sticking to the knives. Neck knives, as well as other concealed knives, have now become illegal to carry in some states. Cutco offers a complete line of kitchen knives in common sizes and styles, along with specialty pieces original to Cutco.

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