welsummer egg production

Egg production. Colorful chickens 2. Its most noticeable characteristic is its golden-brown colored feathers on its neck and nape. They also free flow. They sometimes have dark speckles. Welsummer chicken farming is popular for both meat and eggs production, because it is a very good and productive dual purpose breed. The Welsummer is a Dutch breed of chicken originating in Holland. https://www.littledeanpoultrygreen.co.uk/default.html, Houdan Chicken: Fancy Egg Layers and Quality Meat Producers, About Rosecomb Bantam Chickens: Tiny Seniors of the Chicken World, Crèvecoeur Chicken: One of the Oldest French Meat Producer, About Easter Egger Chickens: Friendly, Colorful Egg Layers, Catalana Chicken: Dual-Purpose Birds for Hot Climates, Choosing the Right Chicken Breed Based on Temperament, Cornish Cross Chicken: The #1 Meat Producer Breed, About Sicilian Buttercup Chickens: Beautiful Birds Sporting a Crown, About Cochin Chickens: The Gentle Giants of the Chicken Run, Japanese Bantam Chicken: Tiny Showstoppers, Andalusian Chicken: Heat-Tolerant Egg Layers, About White Faced Black Spanish Chickens: The Farm Clowns, Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken: Captivating Egg Layers, About Plymouth Rock Chickens: A Friendly Bird That Lays 5+ Eggs Per Week, About Buckeye Chickens: Practical Egg and Meat Producers, About Orpington Chickens: Pets and Productive Layers in One Beautiful Breed, About Leghorn Chickens: Feed Efficient Egg Layers, About Barnevelder Chickens: Stunningly Laced Dutch Chickens, Modern Game Chicken: A Leggy and Unique Breed. It might not be a good idea to put them in an open backyard with neighbors nearby. The rooster on the Kellog’s Cornflakes box - whose name is Cornelius - is a Welsummer. Welsummers lay distinct and exquisite eggs. Welsummer eggs most often fall in the large and extra-large category and have a beautiful deep brown, speckled shell. Aamir is crazy for pets, but not the traditional ones… In fact, he enjoys chilling with cold-blooded reptiles. Welsummers are well known for laying lovely deep red terracotta shade. She will lay around 4 eggs each week, or around 200 eggs each year. Disclosure. They can produce up to 180 eggs per year which are typically a rich brown. The Welsummer is a large, upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast, large full tail and a single comb. But they pick it up again when Spring arrives. Good forager 8. Not aggressive 9. Welsummer chickens are highly recognized for their egg production, and many people specifically seek out the breed as a food resource. Its shanks are without feathers. They prefer cooler weather. Although they tolerate confinement well, you should give some time for them to free range. Welsummers lay distinct and exquisite eggs. Though it is quite a recent addition to all the breeds of chicken, it has gained a lot of popularity in Australia and UK, and a little bit in the USA. But they can also be quite heat hardy. The eggs look stunningly beautiful. The eyes of a Welsummer are also beautiful. These mouthwatering eggs are quite appealing to many. The Welsummer can lay about 160 to 250 eggs every year. Another interesting fact about this chicken breed is that a statue of it was erected in Welsum. Welsummer chickens is a well-known breed in the United Kingdom and Australia, but are still somewhat uncommon in the United States. Netherlands is home to many breeds of chicken. However, they are not as strong as certain other species, and the quality of their … The skin of the chicken is color yellow. The choice is up to you now to decide whether to get one for you coop or backyard. The organization aimed to improve and refine the Welsummer breed. Generally, Welsummer eggs are a deep rich terra-cotta-brown coloring and speckled.

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