what caused cyclone nargis

Background to the scale of the impact of Cyclone Nargis: – Cyclone Nargis was a strong tropical cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Burma. The worst natural disaster in the long history of Myanmar was caused by the ominously named Very Severe Tropical Cyclonic Storm Nargis — conveniently abbreviated to Cyclone Nargis - that struck in 2008. When Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar 10 years ago, 140,000 lives were lost and 800,000 were displaced. After forming over the Bay of Bengal in late April, Nargis was initially forecast to hit southeastern India or Bangladesh. Cyclone Nargis (JTWC designation: 01B, an aa kent as Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis) wis a rare, eastward movin at law-latitude strang tropical cyclone that caused the worst naitural disaster in the recordit history o Burma. Last May 2nd, 2008 Cyclone Nargis caused death toll may be over 100,000 people, fatalities minimum 80,000 and still missing more than 56,000 people as of May 19th, 2008. Also, what are the factors that strengthtened it or weakened it? According to official figures, 84,500 people were killed and 53,800 went missing. There were around 55,000 people missing and lots of … The storm was estimated to be category 4 (105 mph) Cyclone Nargis Caused destruction and at least 138,000 fatalities. Thanks Cyclone Nargis happened in May 2008. A total of 37 townships were significantly affected by the cyclone. Ocean temperatures must be higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit to a depth of at least 150 feet. It started developing back in April 28th, 2008. i.e. Cyclone Nargis caused destruction in Burma, now officially called Myanmar. What exactly was the root causes of cyclone nargis? Pls include useful links/pics. It happened on 2 May 2008. Tropical cyclone Nargis made landfall in the Asian nation of Myanmar on May 2, 2008, causing the worst natural disaster in the country's recorded history. On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis made landfall in Myanmar, crossing the south of the country over two days, and devastating the Ayeyarwady Delta region. Which country was the most affected? Cyclones, also known as hurricanes or typhoons, are primarily caused by high ocean temperatures, broad-scale wind systems and clustered thunderstorms, which liberate the heat energy from the ocean surface and transfer it to the cyclone. that caused cyclone nargis to start developing. what are the geographical factors, land characteristics, air characteristics, etc. Cyclone Nargis Case Study (Overview (Caused the worst natural disaster in…: Cyclone Nargis Case Study Winds of 200 km per hour and the low pressure created a storm surge, measuring 6.3 metres high. Rome, 3 July 2008 - Much of the destruction caused by Cyclone Nargis - the merciless storm that struck Myanmar two months ago - is still visible. The category 4 storm slammed into Myanmar’s low-lying Irrawaddy Delta, an … – It began as an intense tropical depression on April 27th 2008 in the Bay of Bengal. Cyclone Nargis caused devastating damage to the environment of the Ayeyarwady and Yangon Divisions, an area where local livelihoods are heavily reliant on the natural resource base. Cyclone Nargis destroyed 38,000 hectares (ha) of natural and replanted mangroves, submerged over 63 percent of paddy fields and damaged 43 percent of freshwater ponds. Researchers now report on a … Cyclone Nargis. Little warning was given.

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