what emirati traditions existed in the past

Dressing modestly, reputation, being family-oriented, obedience and respect are among the values strongly instilled by her parents. ­Anything that wasn’t useful for survival was an unnecessary burden and had no place in their belongings. “These values stem from Islam, I believe that they help us remain in the right track, most of the time I see them as red lines that remind us of how we are supposed to behave as opposed to restrictions.”. She said that the modern values that she lives by include being independent, and being able to drive on her own without a chaperone. I was raised with them so I don’t even notice when I am implementing them. Both on your website and other media. You must first think if these modern values go against the way you were brought up or not. Of course, English is important because it’s a lingua franca and we need it to communicate with people from other cultures in university and work, but the Arabic language is getting affected and I don’t want to see it die.”. However he believes that other modern values have entered the scene and exist in harmony with traditional values. I grew up believing that despite how much modernisation is taking place, it’s important to preserve our culture and religious values.”. Follow him on Twitter at @hawkeyeuae. 10 celebrities with hidden talents: Who flies planes and who speaks fluent French? It was at that point that I understood why he had looked familiar. So long as you are doing something to benefit yourself and your country, families and the Emirati community would support you.”. With the world developing at a fast pace, cultures are also changing, he said. The 2014 survey showed that 57 per cent of Emirati youth agreed that traditional values are meaningful and ought to be preserved for future generations. Also men not imposing strict ways of thinking on the women in their family are another modern value.”. “Friday family day is a must every week — it brings the whole family and extended family together.”. Aware that western aspects such as music and TV shows are very popular among Emirati youth, Deema believes a person can adopt modern values and yet remain an Arab at heart. “Reputation is the number one value that I feel the strongest about, an Emirati girl should always make sure to carry herself in dignity and respect because her actions affect the family’s reputation more than male members.”. The ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey, which was conducted in 16 Arab countries, showed that nearly half of Arab youth are keen to embrace modernity. The nature of the Bedouin is to travel with as few possessions as they could possibly carry. Asma said women face more restrictions from traditional and religious values than men because they represent the honour and reputation of the family. Asma Ahmad, an 18-year-old Emirati, said women are usually the subject of restrictions imposed by cultural and traditional values. They are really modern, but they have an element of Arab heritage in their designs.”, The 18 year old supports the culture’s development, pointing out that a balance between modern life and traditions is key to keeping ones identity. Emirati Arabs borrowed it from the Indian and Persian traders a few centuries ago. It was freezing and I had my woollen ghutra to keep my head and ears warm – I wrapped it around my head, as we so often do when we are in the UAE. Al Hajari believes that Emirati traditional values will not disappear. “Today it is more acceptable for an Emirati to go to a non-segregated university, study abroad, go out to the mall and even work in the private sector for long hours than before. “When you’re in the US, you don’t feel like there is a specific culture. In the midst of the infusion of cultures taking place in the UAE society, Nadia is a perfect example of a blend of tradition and the modern. “I feel that the Arabic language is something we need to preserve. The real issue is the concept of modesty for both males and females, and that is definitely a value in our culture,” he said. Privacy Policy. For example, fast fo… It was apt that we were in China, because I was tempted to share one of my favourite quotes by Confucius: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”. The dress code plays an important role in defining not only an Emirati woman but also a Muslim woman, explained Deema. “I believe that all the values I have mentioned are relevant as I implement them as much as I could because I believe in them and because these values are related to the teachings of Islam. To find out more about the cookies and data we use, please check out our, Dear Reader, please register to read gulfnews.com, Password should have minimum 7 characters with at least one letter and number, By Jumana Khamis 
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