what to do during a home robbery

The idea of someone coming into your home while you’re there is the worst nightmare of many. The most commonly stolen item is prescription medicine, followed closely by jewelry and small electronics. And he wasn’t home at the time, which is the biggest blessing. In latest crime statistics for 2011/12, a total of 16 766 home robberies were recorded. Fortunately, unlike movies, most burglars are looking to steal your belongings, not harm you. Tips on what to do during an armed robbery: Remain calm and obey the robber’s orders. A Note About Personal Items and Theft While Your Home Is on the Market. At the same time, criminals may feel secure knowing that they’re not known by local police in a particular suburb, offering a bit more anonymity. We know that house robbery is a growing problem across most provinces. Do not resist the robber. Ensure they can always see your hands. If you are reading this while your home is on the market, be aware that theft from homes that are being shown is not uncommon. The overriding consideration in dealing with a robbery is to reduce the possibility of injury. Robbery and assault are serious crimes. RELATED STORY: Summerlin home … The short definition of robbery is theft from a person by use of force or fear. Simply because people there may be less suspecting than people in the city. While money is often the motivation, these incidents are considered crimes of violence because they involve the threat or actual use of physical violence. Cooperate with the robber and do not try to become a hero. A hot prowl burglary, cat burglary, or home invasion is a sub-type of burglary (or in some jurisdictions, a separately defined crime) in which an offender unlawfully breaks and enters into a building or residence while the occupants are inside. Do only what they demand. Some tips, tricks and suggestions for home improvement and interior decorating. Take no action that would jeopardize the safety of personnel or customers. Don’t try to change their mind. What to Do (and Not Do) if You're Home During a Robbery A police officer shares life-saving tips on the best ways to avoid a violent confrontation. The person who calls the police should be able to stay on the phone if the dispatcher requests. Raise your hands and don’t move. What to do during a robbery. Posted on June 8, 2008 June 7, 2008 by James. Carrying on from the Home Security Tips article, this article will focus more on what to do in the unlikely (and unlucky) event of a robbery. During Times Of Economic Hardship, Armed Robberies Can Come To The Suburbs. Sara Brown Home April 1, 2015 (Photo: PH studio/Shutterstock) Some 3.7 million home robberies happen in the United States every year, according to a 2010 report from the Department of Justice. Don’t have a discussion with them. What can’t be as easily replaced, however, is the sense of security and peace of mind he had before the break-in. Speak only if spoken to. Coping with the emotional whiplash from the robbery has been more time-consuming and mentally draining than handling the police reports and insurance adjusters. If you must move, tell them what you are going to do. If a witness must leave, obtain his or her name, address and telephone number. Here is a list of the top 13 items that are stolen during home burglaries and a specific tips on how to prevent those items from being stolen. The money is not worth risking a life. The following tips will also help reduce the risk of robbery or assault. Official crime figures show that home robbery increased nationally by 64,4% in the past eight years and appears to have stabilised at a high rate. The formal definition of robbery is the taking or attempt to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear. Safety Tips. The basic rules of prevention are to be sensible and to be alert. Lock all doors and ask all witnesses to remain until the officers arrive. Home Robbery Tips / After the Robbery Call the police immediately after the robbery. Robbery Facts: Definition. Why do the suburbs become a target?

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