why is it important to maintain traditions

This makes the young children know about their past and all about their family background and makes them understand their identity in the society they live in. A tradition is therefore valuable as an inspiration or means for the present generation to arrive at that same experience. Traditions are rituals families engage in over and over. Jun 16, 2018 . But, it turned out; it was just the buzz word of the season. I think there is a real beauty to be found in tradition - a beauty that may not propel us forward in the sense of quantifiable "progress" or change, but that does propel us forward as human beings in life wisdom, understanding and even emotional intellect. There is a reason we intentionally maintain and create traditions – it’s because they bring meaning to our celebrations and help bond us to those we love. 1 Burke, S. and Paxman, M. 2008. I thought it was a lesson she had in school. Sadhguru: There are many traditions in the world. Christmas. Article . Sometimes, tradition is smooth and simple, presenting itself naturally and by habit as the holidays, years and months pass. Children and young people from non-English speaking backgrounds in out-of-home care in NSW, Centre for Parenting & Research Service System Development Division, NSW Department of Community Services Celebrating your traditions helps keep you grounded in your own culture while adapting to a new one. Why is tradition important? An heritage is a part of a culture, and can usually reflect the people itself, their beliefs, morals, ways of thinking, acting and viewing the world. So, here are the reasons why families consider Tradition to be an important part of our lives: It provides us a source of identity: Traditions and culture always have a story about one’s family. Why are traditions important to society? Author: Christine Garay. They lend a certain spirit that nurtures the family connection, giving us a sense of belonging and helping us celebrate generations of family. Right before the holiday, my daughter asked me what traditions were. Maintaining festive traditions - from putting up the Christmas tree to making gingerbread - does wonders for our mental health. While maintaining family tradition is important, it can be a challenging feat with the fast paced and technologically driven world we occupy today. If you trace any tradition to its source, you will find its roots in the inner experience of an individual or group of people, says Sadhguru. Helping children stay connected with their culture, language and religion can also help if and when children are returned to their birth parents. Getting deep into the local culture is a fantastic way to adapt to your new home, but there are numerous reasons why maintaining our own cultural traditions when we move overseas is just as important. 8 Reasons Why Traditions Are Important. Stay Connected . A Special Education professional, behavior coach, writer, freelancer and most importantly a mother making life simple and fab as possible.

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